And 7 of the greatest MULTIPLAYER maps of all time.....

Those are the exact words from the trailer. And while he is saying that the caption at the bottom is “Classic Multiplayer Maps”.

So hmmm sure sounds to me like the Firefight map could also be a multiplayer map. Or the Firefight map could just be for Firefight but it sure does sound like it will be modeled after a multiplayer map. How could they say “Seven of the Greatest Multiplayer Maps” and only have 6? Doesn’t make sense to me. I think the Firefight map will be pulled out of the multiplayer portion of one of the past Halo games and maybe be used for both FF and MM.


Nobody finds this interesting?

Your right they should use a multiplayer map for firefight

I can’t think of any past multiplayer maps that would work well for firefight. Everything in CE is either much too small or much too big. I could see Burial Mounds from Halo 2 maybe working, but I don’t know.

Hopefully this doesn’t become a trend in future Halo, because multiplayer and firefight don’t mix and the whole map would be a disjointed mess.

my top Seven-

Last resort