Ancient Aliens

what ancient aliens architecture you think looks better, the forerunner architecture from the original trilogy, the vex from Destiny or chozo from Metroid Prime.
I personally prefer the original trilogy forerunner structures they look more interesting, ancient and alien but familiar in a sense.

I really liked Halo4/5 forrunner architecture.

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> I really liked Halo4/5 forrunner architecture.

I also enjoy certains parts of halo 4/5 forerunner style like heaven and ragnarok from halo 4 but i think some of the halo 5 stuff is cool but is too different from what i get use to see from the forerunners

The chozo were more naturally ingrained into the environment and looked as if it belonged there. The Vex looked artificially enhanced with lots of cybernetics. The forerunner was out there all shiny and precise. All positive unique aspects, but for me, forerunner architecture just pleases me more visually.

I’m tied between Forerunner Architecture and a more obscure architecture;


Forerunner Structures. So clean

I like them all personally, but if I had to choose a favorite I would say the original trilogy.

I much prefer the Forerunner…specifically the CE-H3 art style of Forerunner architecture. It was just so well done with a grand scale to it combined with a mysterious/enigmatic look to it. It looked advanced, yet had signs that it was wildly ancient at the same time. The current Forerunner art style is too white and gray, too sterile, and looks too modern…especially for architecture that has been around for hundreds of thousands of years.