Anchor 7 - Forge World 3.0

Earlier yesterday, I was messing around in Forge, trying to come up with a new map idea. I happened to be on Anchor 9, and of course that has the Zero-G section.

And then I thought of it. How Bungie could make the next Forge World, give us 3 maps in 1, and open up some ridiculous possibilities.

In my infinite creativity, I’ve decided to call this map “Anchor 7”.

The map itself would set on a UNSC ship building station above reach. The map itself would be compromised of 4 main sections. They would be Receiving/Arrivals, Corridors/Processing, Storage and Space.

Receiving/Arrivals would be the first space, and the first “map”. It would be laid out identically to Foundry from Halo 3, except the shutter doors would be Forgable as well, and the fence in the back hallways would be gone.

Corridors/Processing would be found by going through where the fence should be in Foundry. At first glance, it would just appear to be a series of halls with a elevator hole in the center, but with a few well-placed walls and windows, would become Orbital from Halo 3, making it the second map.

Going down through the elevator hole, you would find the Storage space. In whole, in would be about as big as the Crypt was in Halo 3’s Sandbox map. However, in it’s default state, you would find crates and such arranged to form the Derelict map from Halo: CE, making it the 3rd map.

Finally, Space would be a large, empty area outside the shutter doors of Receiving/Arrivals. It would simply be a large, empty space.

The Forge palate would be a UNSC-ized version of the Forge World objects, IE: Metal Grates and stairs instead of the grey metal of the Forerunner objects. Almost everything that makes up the maps mentioned earlier would be a Forge object, other than the obvious hard geometry (IE: the floors, or the giant wall in Receiving/Arrivals).

However, the secret, awesome icing on the cake would be a unique Forge Effect to Anchor 7. Called “Low Gravity”, anyone or anything inside of its boundries during a Custom or MM game would act as if they were in space, a la Anchor 9 and Zealot. It would have its boundaries set by the player, just the like the Safe/Kill Zones are.

Space Grifball expect with the first few hours.

*Note: This is a repost of my thread from I thought you might find it interesting.