ANALYSIS of the problem

Coming off H3 competitive players wanted larger maps because they wanted that (across the map shot). that caused problems. Halo had always had two games going on at the same time during a game.
The long game, Br players looking to take out targets from mid map, and AR fighters, the guys that like to get in your face and beet you down. The large maps worked great for the long game, but left the short game out in the cold as players do not want to spend all there game time moving from spawn to combat. Speeding up the base player speed wouldn’t work because casual players would really struggle to control there players at the speed needed to get across a map before being headshot. Sprint was the compromise.
The answer to the problem in my opinion is to 1, shrink the maps back from large to medium large. And 2, bump up the base player speed to 125%.
In any case, it is really not far for those gamers who only play the long game to complain about sprint. when they are the ones who wanted the larger maps to begin with.