"An Update is Available for Halo 5"

Could this be BTB? Arena is telling to restart the game to update it. I do it, but nothing changes. I’m gonna hard reset the xbox and see what happens…

Did it work?

Ye i got it aswell. It should go away after a while. It happened to alot of people yesterday. 343 is just preparing to launch the update

I hope so. I would love to jump into some Big Team Battle tonight.

It’s working! 6.2 GB update downloading. This MUST be it :smiley:

-Yoinking!- right! cant wait to download mine

Yeah I think this is it 6.2 GB is that giant forge map all the BTB maps are built on

Just got this too. 6.2GB hopefully its BTB!

all we can do is pray that this is the update

Waiting or the download is even more painful now

It said that for me too! Then I restarted the game couple times but nothing happened and now the text has disappeared. I really would like to play some BTB!

EDIT: Downloading!! Woohoo!

Yes had to hard reset. I’m at 42% complete right now

Signing out and back in also helps apparently

Downloading for me after a hard reset.

I’m at 91% let’s see

It’s BTB

Updating for 10 mins…
8% D;

Woohoo Halo also tweeted it.

Look at shadow and light on the front page sais available now