An option to bulk sell cards

Can we get an option to sell our cards in bulk?

Yesterday I spent like 10 minutes having to sell my 186 mongooses one at a time so i could get some of the RP’s back. I have almost as many boltshots and I know I will never use them.There are so many power weapons and vehicles I have that I know I will never spawn with.

It would be nice to have a “sell all” option.

Totally agree. I have almost worn out the x and a buttons selling stuff.

I’m certain with enough people asking for it it will happen, or at least an sell “g” amount of cards… Why g? Because x is so overused…

I’ve been asking this for a while now on Twitter. Never got a response.

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> I’ve been asking this for a while now on Twitter. Never got a response.

Might be like me, get a message and will do what its asking, but generally won’t reply to the message out of sheer forgetfulness… Always reply after they mention it though… I don’t get very nice looks back from the people after XD. All I can say is give them a bit of time, I’m sure they’re being bombarded with suggestions.

Agreed. Having to sell things one at a time is pretty ridiculous.

It seems so obvious it would be in the game. I actually thought I was selling items wrong cause I couldn’t figure out how to sell the 10 I wanted.

Right there with you.

110% agree with the OP.
This should have been a feature from the word go.
Then again it gives me something to do between games as a i sell through stuff one at a time. Perhaps 343 designed it that way on purpose to give you something to do?