An Opinion About Grenades

So everyone knows that frag grenades are pretty strong in this game. They’re not portable nukes like in CE, but they’re probably about as strong as the Reach grenades were if I had to guess.

I don’t actually think they should be nerfed. I feel like they’re overwhelming, but mostly because of the way they’re spammable in this game (like so many other things).

So my suggestion, and many others I think have made this same one, is to reduce the starting frag count to 1 so that everyone still has a grenade every time they spawn, but they can’t just spam 2 over and over without thinking about how to use them tactically. I really feel like this would be a good balance for everyone.

What do y’all think?

  • Keep it the same
  • Reduce them by 1
  • Increase them by 1
  • Infinite Grenades

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