An open message to anyone who thought Cortana...

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This is an open message to any people in the fandom who though Cortana was oversexualized in Halo 4 and were part of the voices that resulted in her having armor in Halo 5. I hate you. This isn’t directed at any specific people but anyone out there. who was a part of the reason they made Cortana less naked in Halo 5. Again, I hate you. Something had to have gone down for someone to think that was a good idea even though there is no legitimate reason to complain or be offended that they made her more -Yoink!- and more naked looking in Halo 4. There is no legitimate right to complain. It was probably some kind of feminist crap and prude whiners complaining to 343 that made her have armor in Halo 5 and it pisses me off because her look in a Halo 4 was just fine. Screw anyone in the fandom and anyone at 343 who was involved in that change.


Thought this thread might get a few laughs. lol

Yeah no.