An open letter to the Halo Waypoint dev team

Hey, all. It’s been a while since I’ve posted here, as life has gotten pretty busy for me.
In fact, I’d still probably not be posting here if I didn’t notice a disturbing lack of Waypoint content. This is an open letter to 343i, and specifically the development team of the Halo Waypoint app on the Xbox 360 (Xbox One?) on the subject.


Back in the days of Post-Reach/Pre-Halo 4, I really enjoyed browsing the Halo Waypoint app on my Xbox late at night. It was great, because it offered really cool insight into the Halo universe that you would otherwise have to read a wiki page to get. The videos that were produced for it, (Particularly this) were really fascinating, and kept me coming back. But after Halo 4 released, it’s as if 343i has forgotten about Waypoint. I’ve asked fellow friends and Halo-Geeks, and they agree. When Waypoint first came out, they used it all the time. Now, they say they have no good reason to; There’s nothing new.

Where’s the video telling us about Lasky using clips from FUD, Halo 4, and comic screenshots? How about a video recapping the events of Spartan Ops, and Fireteam Majestic? If 343i wants to develop Palmer as a character more, why not have a video about her back-story? As you can see, since the release of Halo 4, so much more lore has been added to the universe with new books, comics, and even Spartan Assault. Halo Waypoint needs to utilize this stuff.

Content that should be added:

  • BTS videos, ranging from the Bungie’s Halo: Combat Evolve days to 343 Industries’ current days videos that were released.

  • Event videos/Panels from gaming press expos (Like HaloFest).

  • More videos that are involved with the Halo universe, using cutscenes from the games, FUD, Legends, and any other future forms of Halo-related media. (Think: The examples I used earlier.)

  • Release older video/movie content. Stuff like Forward Unto Dawn, or Legends have been out for a while now, and it’d be nice to see them both on here. Additionally, after it’s been a while since the new upcoming live action stuff has been released, that should get put on Waypoint too.

  • Rooster Teeth Halo Content. 343i and RT have had a good relationship with eachother. RvB and Grifball were both shown on Waypoint at some point, so I think that these should both remain on the app for viewing, and that other Rooster Teeth content, such as Fails of the Weak, or Game Night is included as well.

  • Community videos. Stuff made by the community, for the community, or about the community, this stuff needs to be here, and it needs to be here frequently. Screenshot Spotlight is cool, but hardly satisfying.

How it should be added:

Previously, there was a weekly schedule for all the content that was going to be released (Or, rereleased) that week. Where did that go? I can’t seem to find it anywhere, but even if it’s just content that’s being rerun, it’s nice to see that the app isn’t completely deserted. Bring it back.


Once a piece of content is released, it should stay on Waypoint forever. There were a few occasions, where, I saw a video that I really enjoyed, but the next week I had a hard time finding it. What happened? Where did it go? Has it just been deleted? If I saw a video that I really enjoyed, how am I supposed to easily share it with friends, or rewatch it? Sure, I could find it on Youtube, but then suddenly Waypoint seems that much more useless.

In conclusion,

If users know where/when they can access their favorite content, they will continue to use Waypoint more frequently. The video that was linked earlier (And also here, just in case) has, as of right now, over 2.1 Million views. It’s clear that people like this stuff. Stats are nice, but they’re only half of the reason people should be using Waypoint. The other half should be meaningful, enjoyable content.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this.

Great post. I agree with everything you said.

I remember launching Waypoint each Monday genuinely excited to check out the weekly schedule.

I think it would be cool to add more community pros Vs. 343 pros to Waypoint. Put the fails of the week, top plays, competitions (if any), montages, Rooster Teeth content and any press / interviews with 343 employees / panels.

I’m basically just piggy backing on everything OP said b/c I fully agree.

I’d also like to point out that Waypoint is awesome now for seeing recent maps, achievements, stats, etc. It’s smoothness and general layout is better than ever. <mark>It is just missing consistent video content to keep us coming back.</mark>

I really miss the Fails of the Week…it’s what first drew me in to creating a Waypoint profile