An Open Letter to 344 Industries

Hello forum users, my name is James Doe, and my son (Peter) has the xbox account REMOVED (A). I am writing a message here after my son came to me in some distress after reading the post by ‘REMOVED (B)’ calling him a moron (he said limited to me at first). I asked him if he was playing stupidly or ‘trolling’ as you internet-goers say, but he told me he was just having some fun on the Halo 4 forum which he likes a lot with his friend. Now he has decided he doesn’t want to visit the forum anymore and has been moping around the house with a sad look on his face and won’t go back no matter how hard I try to convince him.

REMOVED (B), pull your head in mate. Why would you make such a comment like this? About a 13 year old boy who’s just having some fun on the forum. This comment literally will not serve any good to anyone including yourself so why say this? I have done my research and it tells me you are a 30+ year old man with a Wife and steady full-time job but you need to go around online bullying kids half your age for no apparent reason (or none that I can see anyway).

I am disgusted that a site like this promoting a community environment would allow a comment like this. I do not know how to report or take action against REMOVED (B) or this forum in general, but I might have to look into it if this comment does not get removed and the user goes unpunished for posting it.

You have turned off a young boy from a game he really enjoyed, I hope you’re happy.

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its 343i, not 344

Hard to take it seriously if you can’t even type the company name correctly.

Not allowed to name and shame on the forums, man. Also, I highly doubt your post is serious in the first place. If it is, there are multiple things wrong with your complaints and accusations. It’s not 343’s fault your child got called a moron on the internet.

Um… it’s the internet, we call all underage, whiney voiced kids annoying, ignor@nt, stupid, limited, blah blah blah… Lol he’ll get over it and in about 3-4 years, he’ll be doing the same thing… also, you did research on a 30+ yo guy… but can’t figure out this is 343i… Lol gday sir

Guys, this is trolling in the typical “Naive person rants about a poster or channel uploading adult content on the internet and asks for action to be taken”.

Wouldn’t take it too seriously. Mods, please lock.

And to the OP, please come up with something original next time.

I love how OP thinks we would “see the light” and apologize or something.

Your son was posting spam, discriminatory comments, and using profanity in waves. It is not right what REMOVED (B) did, but your son is equally guilty. Did he read the rules before he went on? If he discussed his ideas more civilly he wouldn’t be in the dilemma he is currently in. Your son and REMOVED (B) have been discharged, sorry to bring that up. This is done after the member is given warnings. You may want to speak to your son about this.
Not to be bashing my good man, but blaming another man does not get you anywhere. I hope your son cheers up and acts a bit more organized on the forums in the future,

what the heck did i just read? 0_o


Calling out individuals is against the rules here. If you have a problem, just report the post, and a mod will take care of it.

Btw why include your first and last name and your kid’s name?

You are letting a 13 year old boy play a game that is rated M, which stands for mature. Your son is not old enough to play the game and seems to me that he is not mature enough to even be playing the game. If you are a fake, than I laugh at your wasted time making this story up.

Actually 344 loves you and they have a pretty fun website if you need graphic art.

Sir, with all due respect I did my research also. You should talk to your son as he called another member the “C” word here (link removed)

Plus he was DISCHARGED from the forum, which means he cannot come back. Maybe you should research your son and teach him how to treat people over the internet and maybe he will get some more respect from his peers, or in this case his elders.

I’ll edit this post with a response shortly. I’m locking the thread (and moving it to the right section) in the meantime.

Why is this letter headed to 343 industries? not like they’ll make your kid happy or something.

James, are you going to track down every person who makes your son feel bad?

If so, you are doing your son a bigger disservice then the offending assailant.

Tell him to shrug it off, the world is filled with -Yoinks!-.

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