An open letter to 343

I would like to start this message off by saying I love Halo with all of my heart and everyone at 343, Thank you for your hard work, Because I KNOW these decisions did not stem from a meeting that included you sweet special people.

I’ve been playing this series every since I was Ten years old staying up late and staying home “Sick”

And I’ve been doing the same thing at age 25, Because the game you’ve provided us with, with what little content we have access to right now (Very excited for the campaign!!!) I’ve been having So. Much. Fun.


At risk of sounding like everyone else, This progression system you’ve provided us with has been one of the most disappointing things I’ve ever seen. You’re treating this game as if it were a mobile game, with daily EXP limits, Forcing challenges on people who may not want to play in certain ways, And would like to just play halo how they’ve experienced and loved the games in the past, Weather that just be Driving people to and from Objectives, or people who really just Do NOT like certain weapons.

And forcing them to do that so they can get One more color, Or One accessory for a spartan that they may not even use, It feels predatory. It makes me worry for not only the future of this game, But the future of your company, Being an avid World of Warcraft player it Harkons back to when Activision merged with blizzard and it ruined a game so many people loved and cared about, Focusing on micro-transactions and forcing out cookie cutter updates, just to keep the game alive.

You have other games where you have successful progression systems, You know how they work and how to do it.

  • Signed: A very disappointed Fan
    (Who doesn’t like being seen as a Customer)
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I agree with this… we are hoping that… these changes happen soon
Cheers :smiley:

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I hope they change everything for good, but I know that it’s not gonna happen because they are not going to refund to all people who already bought all the premium stuff from the store.