An Ode To The Greatness That Is Halo: 3 ODST

One of my friends on Xbox Live once commented on how many times that I played Halo 3: ODST’s single player campaign, and I responded by saying that, “It was one of the best, if not the best campaigns that Halo has ever seen.” The beginning scene of the game (and what a brilliant beginning for not just a Halo game, but any game… period,) where the validity of the mission that the ODST’s were about to undertake, combined with Veronica Dare as the new Commanding Officer of the group, and the revectoring of the group’s landing (effectively changing the mission,) is a theme that’s carried throughout the entire game. You, as the Rookie, are tasked with discovering the mission, by piecing together clues and finding your squadmates. The missions and music used were also expertly varied, not just changing in gameplay styles, but coupling those styles with the characters that they would fit the most, therefore, The Rookie relies on stealth, so there’s a melancholy saxophone player in the background, while Dutch relies on brute force, so there’s a hard a sharp electric guitar played in the background, while Romeo fights with distance, so there’s electronic and orchestral music played with a militaristic, but stealthy edge in the background (the exception being the huge firefight on the rooftop where the troops defended the crashsite,) so on and so forth. That’s how you do characterization! I always thought that there was something strange about the Spartans in Reach evacuating a city (not to say that they wouldn’t, but when you think of a Spartan, you think of them hijacking a Covenant Corvette, killing all Covenant on board, flying an “improperly mounted” Slipspace Drive inside, and steering that Corvette into a Covenant Assault Carrier, only to have a Spartan sacrifice his life to manually activate the Drive, blowing that Carrier to Kingdom Come, while another Spartan escaped by falling back down to the planet below.) And, also, the way that all the characters in ODST ultimately culimate from thier respective worlds in ODST’s climax, in order to complete the mission of saving “Virgil” was the perfect ending! A friend told me that it was actually 343i who was tasked with making Halo 3: ODST, while Bungie worked on Reach (sure, they’re pretty much the same company, with half of Bungie’s staff working at 343i,) but if it was 343i, then I have high hopes for Halo 4, and the Halo Universe at large!

First: Text wall, paragraphs please.

Secondly: I share the same passion for ODST as you.

Lastly: I wanted more stealth for the Rookie :frowning:

> First: Text wall, paragraphs please.
> Secondly: I share the same passion for ODST as you.
> Lastly: I wanted more stealth for the Rookie :frowning:

First: Agreed.

Secondly: So do I.

Lastly: Ditto.


While ODST isn’t my overall favorite Halo game (that title is still being held by H:CE, actually H:PC), it’s definitely my most favorite campaign, hands down. If ODST had “real” multiplayer like other Halo games and not just firefight that lacks matchmaking, it would easily have become my most favorite Halo game of all time.