An MCC Prophecy

The MCC since it’s release has gone through several iterations. In general the consensus is the collection has only gotten better which is objectively true. Every update has delivered bug fixes(and new ones) and amazing features. The team has demonstrated time and time again the impossible is possible.

Arguably the most important features released for the sake of the MCC’s future and longevity are the mod tools. With the right support the MCC could offer unlimited fun and replayability. The team recognizes this fact which is probably why they have dedicated years of time in making these tools publicly available.

I prophesize that the greatest era to be an MCC player is just around the corner. Every player will debate when Halo’s Golden era was, but with the additions below Halo will enter its Platinum era

  • The release of all remaining mod tools and continued support of them.
  • Steam workshop support
  • Azure server rental support
  • Mod support on console
  • Increase supported player counts

I’ve listed the items above in the order of how likely I believe they are to be implemented.

Mod tools have already birthed whacky new multiplayer modes and fantastic single player experiences. The major barrier of entry into the world of mods is the lack of stream lined support. As it stands it’s a pain in the -Yoink!- to install mods single player or multiplayer. It’s even more complicated to synchronize multiple players with the same mod to run on a custom game. With greater mod support and integration with Steam workshop, mods could be installed with the click of a button. Curious players attempting to join a modded lobby could have these mods automatically installed.

The next step of the prophecy is to offer a server rental program so that sessions in the custom games browser no longer require a host present. If pricing would be comparable to Minecraft Realm rentals (~$8 USD a month) the CGB would be filled with 24/7 offerings of the most beloved stock or modded game modes. You want to jump on a never ending Blood Gultch CTF server, go for it. Feeling to try a whacky new multiplayer mode hosted by pillars of the modding community, go on ahead. If the demand for some servers is so high, priority queue purchases could be offered to support the server host and maybe even revenue share with 343. Server rental is perhaps the most lucrative potential revenue source for 343 regarding the MCC.

If the above items are implemented the demand for mods on console would be at a fever high. This is probably the least likely aspect to make it to retail, but hey never say never. If console players could also download mods with the same level of support that PC players receive the population and word of mouth fun would spread even faster. The more platforms that have access to custom servers the more revenue 343 stands to rake in. Console games have supported mods in the past like Bethesda titles, but this level of support would be unprecedented in Xbox history. If this step does make it to the design phase I strongly believe that certain certification and QA procedures at Xbox would need to be rewritten.

And lastly if the team can increase the maximum player counts for all titles this would give the MCC an opportunity to compete with titles like Battlefield in ways not possible before. To be clear I am NOT asking for the matchmaking offerings to start supporting 16v16 or 32v32 modes. Instead the custom games lobby would be able support larger player counts for stock or modded game modes. Imagine the amount of chaos and fun on a map like hugeass (a classic CE PC fan created multiplayer map) with 30 or 60 players. The MCC will be able to cater to larger multiplayer experiences to rival that of other FPS mainstays and with the support of mod tool and the community the MCC will be the undisputed monarch of the genre.

The development of new content is slowing down, and the team’s focus has mainly (as far as I can tell) been to finish the mod tools and presumably improve the mod support. If they could go the extra mile with the features above not only will the MCC become a juggernaut of modding fun, it could potentially generate even more revenue to continue supporting every title.

The time to implement all these features would most likely take a minimum of a couple years to fully flesh out. I believe that internally 343 is experiencing a latch key moment. If they can continue to support the MCC for a few more years the payoff would be prophetic. The Platinum era is at hand, and I pray 343 will continue to support the collection via the above mentioned features.

TLDR: Greater mod support and server rental would allow for 24/7 offerings of stock and modded gametypes and support the future development of the MCC. If 343 could also throw in console mod support and increased player counts that would usher in age of unprecedented fun and popularity that Halo would enter its Platinum era.


This is an amazing well thought out hopeful wish. I believe this is the true road map we deserve. Not that lackluster recent dev update that says we deserve better support for the 1000th time over the past 10 years of the repeated phrase, ‘we need to do better.’

I just fear the modders have moved on from Halo into different parts of life. I hope I am wrong.

In addition to your excellent breakdown, I want to spread awareness of my ultimate wet dream for MCC. To be able to search a game of Infinite in the MCC while I also have H2 and H3 selected. I’d pay $100 for that.