An Issue With Filters

To make a brief forward, I love to Forge. I’ve made about thirty maps, from mini-games to race tracks and competitive maps as well. I also love to create custom games, capture footage in theater, and take screenshots that look nifty. However, getting these creations on my file share can, at times, be tough. The word filter is extremely dysfunctional. Map names and descriptions are censored, when they contain no inappropriate content.

Some of you may remember the confusion and outrage when the Halo 3 word filter declared that “Assault” and “Assassin” were naughty. While I understand they contain in the word a rude synonym of ‘posterior’, the whole word is not at all offensive. But now it seems worse. I often make decent descriptions of my content to give people a sense of what to expect when they download it. But the filer does not cooperate. I’ve scanned some of my rejected descriptions for any rude words inside of nice words, but nothing. The only explanations are a technical error or a tougher censor that filters out obscure slang.

These are some descriptions that were rejected:

“This top-floor penthouse, featuring gravity elevators and even a teleporter, showcase the decadence of 23rd century luxury.”

“Once an important stop on a waterway, this -Yoink!- serves as the divider between two warring factions.”

“This tropical villiage serves as the perfect vacation destination for anyone, anywhere.”

And some more which escape me.

I am not suggesting a complete removal of the profanity filter, I am suggesting a change. If the issue lies in the inclusion of obscure slang, disable the more unknown or less offensive words. Especially if they have another meaning in common language. Furthermore, it would be nice if the filter pointed out to you which word was naughty. In the case of “Assassin”, the filter would say “The word ‘-Yoink-’ is considered offensive and is not allowed in this description” or something like that. I am just frustrated not knowing what about my content is considered offensive and not being able to name it what I want or describe it how I want.