An Invasion Overhaul is Needed, and its Priority Should Be...

-More maps are the number one priority. Other map fixes come second.
-More maps increase variety and population.
-Invasion Slayer and Skirmish should be moved to another playlist.
-Help is needed to make quality Invasion maps (links to how found in OP).
-Bungie/343 should Forge a map themselves to add to the playlist.
Do you agree with this?

…more maps. We are roughly 6 months into the lifespan of Reach, and all Invasion has seen in the way of new maps is Breakpoint, which is very hard to come by due to a lack of people that own the DLC. Invasion needs more maps that are available to everyone, it needs Forge World maps. Initially, Invasion was huge. It’s population rivaled Big Team Battle’s, but has since declined because people are sick of Boneyard, Spire and the rare or occasional Breakpoint.

Some people say that this shouldn’t be a priority. They think that the current maps need to be fixed before any new maps are added. They should think about this. People aren’t going to be drawn back in to the playlist because the current maps have been tweaked. People are going to come to the playlist again for more maps. While it is still something that should be done, the implementation of new maps is a must, to support variety, and increase the overall Invasion population.

People can argue that the Invasion playlist already has variety, but what it offers isn’t what is needed. I’d wager that a large majority of the people entering the playlist do so for the Invasion gametype; not Invasion Slayer or Skirmish. Those gametypes can be considered good in their own right, but they aren’t really Invasion. They are perhaps better placed somewhere else, in a playlist of their own.

This thread is targeted at getting more maps included in the playlist, and encouraging Forgers to build maps of their own. Here is a criteria that is a must read for people who wish to make quality Invasion maps, and here is an example of a Forged Invasion map that has been created to a high standard by the community. If you are thinking about building an Invasion map, but doubt that it will get noticed, join this group. It is run by Community Cartographers who are dedicated to implementing the best community maps into Matchmaking.

I ask that the Bungie or 343 team consider forging an Invasion map of their own to implement into the playlist as well. Not only would it be an extra map, it would be a good example of efficient Forging and map design. People would be able to draw from it, and create quality maps themselves. Set the standard, and others will try to meet it.