An Invasion Josh Richard Morley-Smith

lol about the title, sorry.
Anyway, some of you may know that i am an author-to-be, and i have posted my first inspired map (Malthon) on this site. Using forge world, i wish to create an entire story (Invasion Gametype). Not all on the same map, of course. I am not confirming that i am going to go through with it, but if i do, who wants to help?
This would help me greatly with the description of places in my book ‘Angels On Our Shoulders’. Set in the years 5018-5035, so it must be futuristic-y :smiley:

I like idea! I have once thought about doing something similar but school got in the way, but anyways I think it is a good idea and that you should go for it! I have see some really creative Invasion games made within forge and to put a lot of them together would be that much better! I wish I could help but I am very busy with the holidays and school, but I could still give some ideas!