An Interesting Damnation Tactic

When I played on the map Damnation for the first time on CE, I thought the map was balanced between teams, thanks to the teleporters. Now, however, I see a problem with what I believe is the blue team initial spawn and flag location, the higher base. It is undoubtedly the most defendable location on the map. I played in a match of Super Fiesta where the entire enemy team held that position the whole match. A guy with a sniper basically stared at the teleporter to the catwalk (sniper spawn), killing anyone who dared pass through it. In the smaller room where the second sniper spawns, there are some pipes that a guy with a rocket launcher camped atop of, incinerating anyone who walks into the room, and if they get past him, there’s 2 more guys just beyond the entrance ready smoke them out of that tiny hallway.

There’s no way in once they have that position locked down, so you basically spend the rest of the match fruitlessly trying to get kills. This is fine in Slayer, but what about CTF, considering that Damnation is one of the only maps that works with it?

I’m not asking that they remove the map, I’m just stating my opinion, and maybe asking for some pointers on how to break those defenses, if at all. Thanks for reading, and have a nice day!

Well, the obvious problem is you’re playing a CE map in H5 and playing the most unbalanced gametype outside of Warzone. You can break it with a coordinated push through the teleporter and lower levels and or get lucky with some kills.

Yeah if there was no sprint thrust or charge and slower grenade spawns like in CE then would be easier to take that area back over