An idea to stop quitters

In almost every game there is alteast one person who quits, most of the time it might be for a very good reason, like they have to go somewhere (that’s true for me anyway), but every once in a while there is someone who rage quits because they are losing/hate the map/hate the gametype, well here’s two ideas to the rage quitters

  1. Give them a ten minute ban EVERY time they quit, this wouldn’t affect people who need to go somewhere and if it’s only for a few minutes they might aswell stay in the game

or, if this is possible and 343i have the time

  1. Let them only rejoin matchmaking when the game they were in/would have been in finishes, so they might aswell have stayed, for the same reasons as last time this wouldn’t affect people with a good reason but it will affect rage quitters

Discuss :slight_smile: