An Idea to keep things fair

With the inclusion armor abilities in Halo 4 the competitive community has been causing a huge uproar and I think I have solution that can make everyone happy.

basically it goes like this

When you begin the game you have all of the armor abilites:

Sprint, Evade(don’t roll as far), Thrusters(can’t fly, gives you a quick boost in the air). You also get 3 overcharge abilities: Active Camo, Shield Burst(like an EMP) and an improved Hologram.

The first three abilities all take from the same source a new energy bar similar to how the armor abilities drained in Reach. The way to activate each ability you must perform special moves just like in fighting games. Ex. Left, Right, Up, A, on the D-Pad will make you evade in the direction your facing. It would add another level of skill to the game and would balance out the playing field.

The Overcharge abilities would require a full energy bar and full shields. Once activated it would drain both your shields and your energy bar. That means someone looking to charge in kamikaze style and emp the team would require not getting hit once.

There’s still room for improvent and the room to include more movement abilities. If it doesn’t make it into Halo 4 then I hope it makes it into a future title because I
believe It would make Halo Amazing.


Any reason for “NO”?

Too complicated, but would be fun in customs!

it’s too hard to do when you’re in the middle of a battle, it’s just not good

No. I stopped reading after start with ALL abilities. COMPETETIVE Halo should stay as close to H3 as it can. All the other playlists can have as many armor effects as they want