An idea to fix the division between old & new

Well, it’s more an idea to bridge the division between old & new

In this ‘solution’, I don’t address the finer details of how this would be achieved, but I present a possible groundwork for people to mess around with. I’ll first preface by emphasising the extremely difficult balancing act 343 has to pull of everyday.

And yes, I admit this late into development it’s hardly likely this idea will count for anything, but nonetheless, here it is:

If H6 is anything like H2 or H5, it’s possible that H6 will have multiple protagonists*. If this is the case, there’s a possibility to appease both audiences by having Gen. 2 Spartans utilise the older gameplay mechanics (no ground pound, dash, sprint** etc.), and having Gen. 4s (and 3s?) utilise the newer gameplay mechanics. They played around with this idea in H5 in the form of having Blue Team use flashlights and having Osiris equip high-tech scanning equipment, which was also used to highlight their generational differences, but unfortunately that’s as far as they went.

This idea could be developed and extrapolated into multiplayer in the form a class based system for new game modes, similar to that of Invasion from Halo Reach (Elite V Spartan). Off the cuff idea; Spartan 3s could be implemented for more variety, having a middle ground between slower ‘tank’ classed Gen 2s, faster ‘weaker’ Gen 4s. Perhaps the Gen 3s could have a larger team which would result in the game mode having asymmetrical gameplay? It would reflect their canon origin of being cannon fodder. Anyway, I’m getting off track, Gen 3s aren’t the discussion here.

Now, later on I mention this idea potentially “creating new avenues of opportunity to explore more gameplay”. This idea, although not at all necessary to create an essential Halo game - nor even my central point - is the possibility to have a main multiplayer hub similar to that of Destiny and COD WWII. Choose your class, go into lobby, hang with other spartans before a wargame, equip and buy armour earned through trueskill rank or credits etc. This would continue the ideas and themes established in H4 and H5 in the sense of having story and gameplay connect further. It would also continue what Reach started with it’s customisation and focus on your Spartan and having it carry outside of multiplayer.

Now, the specifics, the real meat of the idea… Well, that would have to be up to 343. I got some ideas bouncing around, but not the time nor the care to put more into this. I don’t come to the forums much, and this idea only came about after reading the thread down below. I’m just ranting, and clearly haven’t thought this through critically, so I’m leaving it here for you guys to tear apart.

The bottom line I see is this:

Assuming 343 nails a movement system that more accurately reflects the original trilogy and uses this ‘class’ based system, these are the things this idea could potentially address;

  • The division of old / new fans while creating new avenues of opportunity to explore gameplay / gamemode wise, similar to Reach Invasion custom games. - 343 get to indulge their fascination with having the gameplay parallel and also be in the story (i.e Wargames Simulation etc.). I guess a more descriptive word for this concept might be diegesis. - This also finds a place for all the pain and effort put into crafting Halo 5s movement system (which, imo, is really fun). - Having less maneuverable Gen. 2 classes will return the emphasis on vehicular travel – a staple of what makes Halo FUN. Not competitive. ( - 343 also get to ape an idea that’s popular from another big budget titles. Publishers, I assume, love when you name drop big games like COD or Destiny.One major issue would be that the dev team(s) would essentially be establishing and promising almost two different gameplay experiences from here on out, unless one won out over the other – that’s a lot of workload.

This thread isn’t meant to address everything, so I won’t touch on other pillars of the game like the story, the art design, the music or anything else I might’ve forgotten to mention.

I will say this though. I like the return to the classic art design presented in Halo Wars 2, and more so, Infinities trailer. 343 is on the right track. Just remember to focus on vehicles and sandbox shenanigans. Being killed by something absurd like a traffic cone, having an elephant flip for it to glitch through floor only to throw you across the map upon- what, what? How did you do that? Or spacing a warthog using a gravity hammer only for it to land miles away on some unlikely noob who just picked up the sniper rifle – or for that noob to be you – is always, always fun.

So yeah. Don’t forget the physics. Here’s to the slow, methodical, floaty return of the Chief. (Not too floaty though, 343… :wink: )

*Though after the backlash for H5, it’s likely we’ll see more of Chief.
**A possible solution to sprint in this scenario could be to have sprint available in the form of a sort of ‘rush forwards button’, without lowering your weapon, but at a reduced speed in order to ensure people engaged in combat aren’t likely to survive turning tails and running a la H4-5. Perhaps peripheral vision can slightly blur and shake, having the edges of your FOV blurred to simulate a sense of speed and discourage constant use by reducing peripheral vision.


P.S Can’t be bothered to proof read. Hope it makes sense for those of you that trudged through this! I didn’t expect to write this much. Probably sounded better in my head.

They should just revert back to the proper movement system and use armour abilities as equipment pickups.