An Idea to do with JIP

So on a couple of matches I played with my friends, I lost connection but I was able to rejoin the same game and finish it.

Would it be cool if you could instead of joining random games in progress you could just have the option to rejoin the same game you lost connection with the same score you have? For example I am leading with fifteen kills in a free for all game but then, I lose connection but I could have the option to reconnect to same match and finish it by getting ten more kills to win. People wouldn’t submit bad player reviews because you lost connection because you could just rejoin the game if you wan’ted to.

I think this would be a great idea so what do you think?

It’s an good idea but how would it keep track after you leave a game. I know it already does to an extent but the thing is what happens when you jump into another game with JIP? Would the code see you as new or would it have keeper the states from your old game possibly giving you an X amount lead.

It would be nice but I think there would be too much code for the game to keep track of. Now if we get dedicated servers that might be more possible maybe.

Well if your friends are in the game then there is no need for the option you’re speaking of since you can join their game in progress from the XBL menu.