An Idea to Allow Full Armor Color Customization without Changing Unlocks or Cash Shop

As a Free-2-Play game, Halo Infinite Multiplayer needs a source of revenue. I am not mad about the aesthetics cash shop in the slightest. What I do not like is the inability to select your own individual armor piece colors. We have set color pallets, but there is no way that 343 will ever be able to create enough armor color wheel variants (or whatever you call wheel/flower/things) to satisfy everyone’s color choices. Here I propose a middle ground that uses what’s already in place and still allows for the cash shop and progression, possibly making people even more eager to unlock/buy new colors. The idea is quite simple:

In addition to the default solid color pallets, create a "custom color pallet wheel."

This color wheel gives the ability to choose the color for each section of the wheel, coloring the associated section of the armor. To obtain new color options for this wheel, you must “unlock” them through progression color wheels or buying the cash shop color wheels. Once you obtain a new color wheel, the individual colors of all the sections become new color options for those same sections of the “custom color pallet wheel.” The dirty and damaged, default “recruit” colors are the only initial options, meaning you must unlock new colors to have more options.

How does this help the cash shop and progression? You can combine colors from the wheels you have already unlocked. You want to use the bright blue trim from the black cash shop armor on the Yellow Tea color wheel? Easy: just set every section of the “custom color pallet wheel” to the Yellow Tea colors except for the blue sections for the accents. Want the Yellow Tea’s flower-print under-armor for the black cash shop armor’s under-armor? Easy. By obtaining those armor colors, you unlock the color wheel sections for the “custom color pallet wheel.” Note that you cannot use the bright blue accent color of the black cash shop armor for your helmet color, because you cannot unlock that color for your helmet until a color wheel becomes available with that color on the helmet section of the wheel. As the game goes on, new colors, textures, and patterns can be available via progression or in the cash shop: traditional camo, stripes, modern pixel camo, glossy colors etc.

This gives us initial, full base color customization with the recruit colors while enabling unlocks and cash shop colors to provide EVEN MORE VARIETY INSTEAD OF REMOVING VARIETY ALTOGETHER!

It’s a win-win for everyone.