An idea for weapon skins in H5

I know that halo 5 is a long way of, however I had an idea.

In all the halo games when a weapon is being redesigned like the assault rifle in Reach lots of concept art is produced of the weapon
Here are some examples:

Assault rifle


Now what if you could use said weapon designs in game to produce lots of weapon variety and that the more exotic weapon designs are used it would work like this:

Select weapon then select form

Your thoughts please =]


I don’t think we need several slightly different forms of the DMR etc. but more weapon skins/colours/camo patterns to apply to it would be nice.

I also think you should have unlocked a special skin for a weapon by mastering it, not just by reaching level 5 in a specialisation.

In campaign it wouldn’t be any different only in MP

There was actually some great looking Carbine concept art in the Halo 4 artbook. I can’t find any images online, but it looked much different (even, I dare to say, better), but it was similar enough to be recognizable.