An idea for the loadouts system

Halo 4’s already deep in development, so I highly doubt this will even be considered, but perhaps it could make it into Halo 5 or 6 somewhere.

So, most people’s main problem with loadouts is that allowing players who have played longer to spawn with a weapon you have no access to at the start may be equivalent to inviting imbalance into the game. Plus, this modifications system seems mysterious but already a large amount of people are lamenting the possible imbalances.

This idea could fix it. It’s basically based on Section 8: Prejudice’s loadout system, with some tweaks to fit Halo gameplay. All non-power weapons (power weapons will not be spawning weapons anyway) will be selectable from the start, meaning you can jump into battle directly with any non-power weapon you want. So what’s the point of levelling up? Unlocking weapon mods. Each available weapon will have several mods - affecting accuracy, ammunition type, scope, etc - and as you level up you will unlock these mods.

Here’s the kicker - none of these mods will have an advantage over any other. For example, you’ll start out with normal ammunition for your AR. Later on you unlock incendiary rounds which cause burn damage over time. However, they do much less damage against shields. Later on, you get a scope for your AR. Seems OP? Maybe, but only if you don’t mind the ammunition penalty and slower ROF slapped on with the scope. So you can choose any mod you want, once you’ve unlocked them, but none is overall more powerful than any other.

You can also mod your AA choice (all AAs available from the start) - more jetpack fuel in return for greatly slowed speed, active camo no longer deactivates when meleeing in return for losing your motion sensor once it’s activated, etc.

These mods could also apply to grenades. I suggest that “grenades” slot be changed to “equipment” slot, so that Halo 3’s equipment becomes available for use as well - but you can’t use grenades if you choose so. Also, a possible way to add dualing without OP or ruining the sandbox is to add “SMG” as an equipment option - once selected, you hipfire it instead of throwing grenades - ridiculously inaccurate and also affects the accuracy of your other weapon, but a killer up close.

Instead of perks, we could have an “upgrades system”. All upgrades are unlocked at the start, and they affect small things like assassination speed, jump height, hijacking speed, accuracy when you carry a turret, etc. You get a certain amount of points - the same for every player - and can spend these points on upgrade slots. Upgrade slots have multiple tiers of upgrading, and the 1st-2nd tiers are barely noticeable. So you can spend all your upgrades on making yourself a stealthy assassin, but in return you won’t be able to spend any more points on other potentially useful things like faster strafing speed.

What do you guys think of this idea?

I think this is pretty good, hope it gets seen and added in H5 & H6