An idea for pro-sprinters

I had an idea while playing Reach. I was playing, using sprint as my AA like always, and for some reason when a grenade was thrown at me, I side-stepped and pressed the bumper as if I was using evade. This got me to thinking; I’ve seen forum users suggest that in Halo 4 there should be basic abilities to sprint and evade, and I think I’ve come up with a decent solution that seems “Halo” worthy.

Please bare in mind, this is a suggestion for people who like sprint, so please don’t comment saying about how you hate sprint and think it ruined Halo. Now, onto my idea.

Side hopping. Kind of like evade, not as powerful. Say sprint is still assigned to LB in Halo 4 (assuming it will be in) when we move forward and press LB, we will sprint, but if we are strafing and press LB, our Spartan will do a quick hop/side-step to the side in the same fashion as evade. It would obviously have much less distance than evade, and it would be used to, say, get some extra distance between you and the grenade that just landed to your right.

Now, I realized with this there would be some issues, this ability could be used as kind of an “auto strafe.” So what could we do to balance it out? Maybe you could only do it once, and give it a 30 second to a minute charge time. Also, you could make movement slower for a second or two after side-stepping, so we don’t have people weaving back and forth, using LB as an easy strafe. It could also take energy away from our sprint, so we can’t sprint, side-step, and sprint again.

What are the community’s thoughts? Please keep it civil, and please keep it to pro-sprint players. Don’t flame sprint, this isn’t a thread for that.

I can’t say I like your Idea.

Sprint is fine how it is.