An idea for more customization

One thing that 343 took from cod that I actually liked was weapon camo custimazation but I think we should see more of this in the future, my idea is to have weapon camo function similar to armor where you chose a general pattern on your gun but you can change the colors to anything (e.g. forest camo colored pink and yellow or horizantal lines in grey and green) so does anyone like the idea of more cosmetic custimization in weapons similar to, but more advanced then cod’s

i have been suggesting this for a while along with more colors

Its alright, I’d rather see a custom visor unlocked at SR-130!

Well, it doesn’t seem like it would break the game, so… sure, it won’t hurt anybody.

This is probably better than all the crazy armor configs, because you at least SEE the gun during the game. While were at it, allow for config of the armor patterns also, instead of sticking to the default styles.

I’d also like to see random, custom skins for the vehicles. Just to mix up the visuals a little.