An idea for Halo 4 firefight

I think its safe to assume firefights coming back for halo 4 so i think this may be the perfect time to make a suggestion for halo 4 firefight ( Perhaps even multiplayer) don’t just focus on halo 4’s setting have locations from all the halo games (maybe even that apex site from halo wars) in addtion to having every enemy that has ever been in halo returning. Perhaps before you start a firefight match you can choose an era, (human/covie war or the new conflict sure to arise in halo 4).

Heres just some examples of possible settings


Installation 04 ( not to be confused with the new map in cea), includes a forge world esc map, a swamp and a snowy area similar to the one in assault on the control room.

High charity

1st and 2nd battles of earth

The Ark

Halo 4 planet

Other halo 4 locations?

sorry if these seems a bit disorganized please give me your honest feedback and tell me if you don’t understand what i mean by this.

forge world and my backyard :smiley:

I think it would be interesting to use firefight as a way to show important events from Halo canon that would not work as full games.

For example you could have a firefight map inside Onxy, where you have to keep the Covenant away from the slipspace portal, or perhaps in a field on Harvest around some big Jotun harvesters.

edit: maybe you could have a covenant one based around the taming of the hunters, where you fight various hunter variants until some sort of dropship comes to rescue you.