An Idea for All

After playing the beta, watching streams of Pro’s playing the beta, & reading the forums of what the community thinks about the beta I came to a conclusion.

So there is obviously a split between ppl that disagree with the new Spartan Abilities & ppl that enjoy them. Now maybe 343 is already thinking about this, but I think that when setting up a custom game the Party Leader should have the options of turning abilities on or off. Simple. People that like them can turn them on, & the others can turn them off.

To to take it further if need be, there could also be the option of using these as “power ups” like OS or Camo if the group deciding the game type wanted to use them in that way.

I know they have been designing maps already in a way to accommodate for sprint & clamber so I guess I don’t know how much it would affect gameplay on those maps to just ‘turn them off’. But I’m sure there would be some way to either just scale a map down or increase normal spartan moving speed by a hair/increase spartan jump heights by a hair…or maybe gameplay would be fine with the size the maps are.

I feel like having these types of options would be an easy way to keep everyone happy.

All that being said, I think this game has very high potential. The beta for me was very enjoyable. As long as 343 takes the communities voice into consideration and makes the most obvious changes it should be an awesome game!

PS - As a side note, I think the voice over guy needs to be dialed back to simple sayings… instead of telling you how to ‘DOMINATE THE ENEMY TEAM!’… just my opinion.