An idea for a Coating Alternative

This will likely NEVER happen, nor will 343i ever see this in all likelyhood, but I like to ramble so hear me out.

An Armor Skin System. Not Armor Coatings, those would still exist as an alternative, but skins.

Basically if you choose you can get a Skin (for a small fee, also sorry to any Spyro fans who had flashbacks to that bear just hearing that) it will allow you to select two colors, leaving the undersuit, visor trim, helmet brim and other less prominent features black.

The default pallete will be a slightly stripped down version of Halo 3’s colors, but other palletes will be purchaseable.

Skins would initially include one based loosely on a combination of the Halo 2 and 3 secondary colors. In other words, the secondary color would appear on the shoulders, that little rectangle on the forearms, the top of the helmet, and the bottom of the calf area, while the primary color would cover the rest.

Another would be based on Reach, where the primary color covers most of the armor while the secondary color is distributed fairly evenly along the armor but be most prominent on the biceps and shins and knees.

More skins can be added down the line, like one based on 4 and 5 where the secondary color is basically distributed along the entirety of the armor via decals.

If this system sounds familiar, it’s because Warframe has a system like this and it works.

And because of the inability to change certain aspects (like the brim, visor trim, undersuit, etcetera) it would be an effective alternative to Coatings without replacing them since they wouldn’t have as radical a variety of patterns or textures. This way Coatings still have a reason to exist (since admittedly some look quite nice), but people who want classic customization immediately have a way to do it.

Again, this is a pipe dream, but if you bothered to read it at all thanks for your time.