An honest question about Infinite

How bad is the game, actually? For someone who wants to sit down, play for like an hour, and not care about sweating in order to have lots of fun?


You don’t even get to pick what gametype you play, you enter a playlist and it drops you into a random gamemode in the playlist.
The map selection is bonkers.
The servers are all wack.
Your internet is being eaten because it has to load EVERY .jpg 1000 times in the menus because the game is poorly optimized.
The game is just put together by what amounts to scotch tape.


It can be fun for a few matches, but if you play for longer you start noticing the annoying issues.


So, its like a 3/10 game at best?


4-5/10, the gameplay bones are good, the experience is lacking character, polish, and is filled with bugs though.

Pick it up and play it, especially because it’s free and poses no financial risk, make your own opinions.

Edit: so opinions are bait now?


Is the campaign worth what you pay for it? Tonme that matters the most since you actually have to pay for it

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I dunno, haven’t played it, open world action/adventure games don’t personally interest me.

Cant fault you there, I still think halo is best when its linear levels


Depends on what you want to play.
I found that I can pretty much turn my brain off and relax when playing against bots (bot bootcamp playlist, etc) but the gametypes that the bots know how to play are limited. Also, they can’t drive vehicles for whatever reason.
There are also some PvP playlists that aren’t bogged down with countless gametypes: Fiesta is as chaotic as ever, for better or for worse. SWAT (or Tactical Slayer as it’s called now) and Land Grab also give you exactly what the title says.
But if you play PvP, you’ll inevitably encounter network issues like desync.

Honestly the price tag is a little high for what you get. I’d recommend looking for a cheap Gamepass deal, or even just getting it regular price for a month. One month is way more time than you need to do everything you ever want to in the campaign.

I see, well shame really
Is mcc still good though?

the open world is good, it just lacks set pieces/scripted moments people miss from linear levels which can also be achieved in open world. infiniite really is just bones,. needed more hand crafted moments like the opening level. The second half of the campaign linear levels felt mediocre. i feel like they gutted the story too as it had a weird flow.


Halo Infinite feels like this:
“Well that was fun, but that’s it?”

Campaign is fun, but clearly unfinished. Story is good if you aren’t a lore-freak. If you’re a lore freak excited about Zeta Halo, keep your expectations low. If you aren’t and just follow the games, it is good. Gameplay is fun too. Really the open world itself is the issue. What’s there is fun but what I have found is that there are alot of locations where it was obvious something was supposed to be there, but they left it out to ship the game. Probably some locations were supposed to have some weather changes but never happened.

Multiplayer is the same. It is fun, but it still has desync and bugs. The challenge system is your sole means of progression, and even then the passes cost money to get anything good. Heavy reliance on FOMO with free events and the store. Again “That was fun, but that’s it?”

Overall, including multiplayer, the game is a 5 out of 10. Meaning it is average. It is serviceable, but I wouldn’t call it good (6-7) or great (8-10) but it isn’t bad (3-4) or horrible (1-2) It is clear from every angle this game wasn’t ready for release and needed another year. Which now 343 is trying to catch-up while still churning out new content. MP is free. And I think 10USD per battlepass is fair (get season 2 first though, since that is active and you can use the credits in season 2 to get season 1. Or just skip season 1 and use the credits from season 2 on season 3 if you stick around.) But full price for the campaign isn’t worth it. Especially since the pre-order bonuses are gone outside of give-away programs. I would buy it at a discount.

MCC is good though. And for the amount of games and content, it is worth full price. My only issue is that coming into it now, you’ll be behind on cosmetics that were added. Luckily there are PVE weekly challenges and until you hit gold you get points with every rank. Plenty of ways to progress. And the default selection isn’t bad either.


Once Forge gets released, fans will fix this game and 343 will still take credit.


The gameplay is okay, but the rest of the game is literally broken. Gameplay can only go so far when there isn’t any content added to the game leaving barely anything to do at all that the player base continues to drop off slowly but steady almost a year into it.

That’s how bad it is.

Infinite needs an actual studio, that has a full crew that are full time employees. 343 is far from ever being that and it’s why the game is in the vary poor state it is in.

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Honestly… I don’t know if the gameplay is even that good. Movement for one feels weird, and it’s trying hard to emulate what’s popular right now, even if those mechanics run contradictory to the game’s design. Sprint, Slide, Clamber… You can lose all of them and the game would probably be in a better place.

That’s to say nothing of weapon balance either - it’s woefully bad.

Probably someone baiting you into a reaction. The user hasn’t posted on this thread yet.


Its bad. Broken matchmaking system and desync sank this game so fast.

The community has told 343 about these issue but did they listen? Nope.

Gotta reach that broader audience. Priorities and all.


Halo Infinite’s only saving grace is that its free to play.

That’s literally it. Pick it up, try it, uninstall it. If you are invested in having a QUALITY Halo experience, MCC is recommended over Infinite. That game is essentially a collection of 6 games, 5 of which are well polished because they weren’t made by 343.


Mcc is great. Especially in comparison. Infinite has a sturdy base like Trand0 said. But it’s going to take them forever to get to where an AAA game SHOULD be. If you just wanna play an hour or so here and there you may find it enjoyable. Shrug MP is free so the worst you’ll lose is a few hours and some hard drive space for a while

If you’re wanting to do Infinite campaign co-op or forge that’s going to take a while. Personally I’m not paying for the campaign until they’ve got co-op ironed out well because I don’t play campaigns through first alone.

The Season 2 main menu downloading bug has apparently been fixed. Still shouldn’t have happened at all. I’m not sure if it was happening since the start of Season 2 or not.

As for the original question… While the gameplay is generally good there are some MASSIVE issues with stuff like balance. Big Team Battle (BTB) is unbalanced because the two teams will get slightly different weapons and random vehicles. There are two King of the Hill gametypes and both are unbalanced because where the hill or hills spawn is truly random, giving one team a clear advantage. Other than that it’s not so bad.

With 343i my advice is to expect them to make a bad mistake somewhere when they do something big. I’m not joking.