An Eye for An Eye!

You know how when you’re playing online and you get an achievement and there’s a voice saying what you got? Like, “Double Kill” or “Kill From the Grave”. For years my friends and I thought it would be great to have one say, “Eye for an Eye” when you kill someone and they kill you at the same time/fight. Can we get this one in on the next Halo game to come out? Halo 6?
Thank you!

Yes. I had that once in Halo 2A when a enemy and I both die. I saw me get slashed by a energy sword then I kill him seeing his body go to his knees and fall to the ground.

double stick all the time man

That would be a cool medal. Be about as many of those as the “From The Grave” medals though, lol.

So a medal for when you trade? Anybody who ever played halo 3 would have thousands of those medals. Lol