An evolving PVE experience

Hi there, Halo is a huge universe with chances of always expanding its borders into new horizons, and i have come in here with an idea of how a PVE firefight mode could evolve by making a whole new experience, the idea starts from analysing the concepts performed before since its birth, from Halo 3 ODST to Halo Reach firefigth has been a horde mode with an amount of five waves conforming a round, based on campaing maps, but what if you have a map based on halo lore locations or battles where you can experience them first person with an increased amount of players on your team, like for example starting a match on a map based on where the red team of spartans tried to defend the orbital defense generators of Reach with an increasingly amount of enemies approaching to destroy them, your team being composed from 16 spartans (players), and AI alies (marines or odsts) against different iterations of enemies (Covenant, Flood, Banishe, Forerruners) and to have a different objective base on the map with a unique starting and ending cutscenes for each map, other example of a map reference could be based on Operation Prometheus and Operation Torpedo in which in this case AI Spartans III could be aded to support the players to complete the objective with mechanics unique to each map, and new vehicles such as the Grizzly tank, Vulture, Locus, Kobra, Vampire etc, but what do you think of the idea, it could always be enhanced, but i think its a good start to work on.