An attempt to justify the state of the progression system

I think we need to picture the situation as the publisher instead as a developer.

As we’re all aware, the developers would all be in different careers if it wasn’t for the backing of a multi-billion dollar company and an already successful franchise to leech off off whilst doing their own thing. For about a decade, we’ve seen a franchise be slowly destroyed by a company that “had people who we hired who hated Halo”. As a very nervous publisher knowing that your developers have managed to alienate hundreds of thousands of people in their tenure, wouldn’t you want to implement a cash grabbing system like this too?

Every instalment in the franchise since the genesis of 343i has only lowered our expectations. They have no interest in making a Halo game and if you were honest with yourself, you probably wouldn’t have downloaded this game or bought the previous two if they didn’t have “Halo” slapped on the box. From that perspective, I understand why they would exploit the younger members of the newer but much smaller audience relative to 10 years ago. Siphoning cash from their mothers’ credit cards by dangling some shiny cosmetics in front of impressionable kids is a tried and tested strategy. As the franchise that was Halo follows trends instead of setting them now, requesting them to copy other titles with the same marketing strategy makes perfect sense to me.

The genius part about it is that all responsibility can be diminished at the start of next month. After grabbing the hearts and credit cards of many 9 year old children all over the world, and then facing a drop in revenue from backlash of anyone still bothering to play, the developers can throw out “It’s just a beta”, after pocketing that cash. Unfortunately for most people that joined the franchise within this last decade, that statement will be enough to bring back a disturbingly high amount of people for the Christmas period. After that, who cares really? The developers sure don’t.