An alternative monetization/battlepass scheme which benefits us and 343

I’ve posted this in a couple of places but I guess this would probably be the best place to make sure its heard. IMO this is an extremely fair model which highlights the benefits of the F2P model, allowing deep customization for players and an incentive to spend money on what should be the most popular battle pass in town.

  • Bring over progression from MCC (medal XP, weekly challenges are simply for additional XP/the weekly reward)
  • Each Battlepass gives 750 Credits, meaning you get a free BP every 2 BPs you do(I can’t see us getting a free BP by completing every one since they last forever), plus spending cash
  • Assuming we get a new core every season, you unlock cross-core armour at tier 25/50/75/100(take your pick) as an incentive for the player to keep pushing through the BP. Players who want to get to cross core faster are then incentivized to use XP Boosters/Double XP
  • Coatings are cross-core from the start
  • Armour kits are outright removed from the battle pass, swapped out with actual armour. Kits are now store items, with even more unique features(IE the Kat kit would give you her proper prosthetic and can be used outside of the kit, alongside the coating, maybe a stance, emblem etc. Essentially turning kits into bundles).
  • Battlepass is set-up like MCC with a range of 10 options so the player isn’t forced to go along the same customization path as every player, making players more unique at a quicker pace. In addition, there’s a Legendary item you get for completing all tiers that can only be unlocked by completion
  • No armour is sold in the store, it’s all Battlepass exclusive. The store is made of kits, unique coatings, vehicle/weapon coating packs, charms, armour effects, death effects, emblem and stance packs.
    *Event passes would now come in 2 tiers, paid and unpaid. These passes are cheaper than typical passes, maxing out at $5 due to the fact they have less items

This would mean a player would be spending minimum $30 a year on Halo as a dedicated fan, around $30 less than campaign, making their total investment to the game would be $90 to get the features that were available in Halo Reach except with more options as well as access to new customization features with their spare change. Players with a bigger investment will spend more based upon how much they feel attracted to store items and having a taste of it via their extra Credits.
This feels pretty fair to both the consumer and devs IMO

I feel like armor shouldn’t be locked behind a certain core regardless, there isn’t really much of an excuse to do so other than to sell you the same thing multiple times, such as visors & coatings.

I did make sure to note that coatings are cross-core from the start. But yeah if it wasn’t clear, in this situation there wouldn’t be any repeats of visors etc.