AN ALTERNATIVE FOR H5 - custom game options

I have seen too many threads demanding and through the process insult 343 to change their entire game to suit a small minority of players, it would be nice if people could rally behind this option instead

FERENG1 said: ask 343 to consider the idea (without directly insulting them) to introduce menu options for custom games, options that would include the removal of spartan abilities as well as the kill cam, maybe they will listen as it is not changing the way the game is meant to be in multiplayer, but will appease the “purists” (i really dont want to say that, but it seems to be the fitting title) in their custom games. It may not be the alternative you are after, but its better than nothing.

This might actually work as an option as both sides of the community are being appeases (obviously some less than others) however i think it is the only way for both sides to get what they want

This was taken from my other thread ^

for the people that don’t like sprint and the other new abilities they could do a playlist. (like they have in COD advanced warfare) called halo classic where there is no sprint and other abilities, like COD advanced warfare’s classic mode where there isn’t any exo abilities, there everybody wins!

p.s. I’ve played all the halo titles and I love them all and I’m loving where 343 is taking the series. and the beta has been awesome and it still plays and feels like halo just with some new things to play with. in my opinion it’s no different then when they added new things into every halo game over the years.

(FERENG1) this is taken from a post I did on your other thread