Amour Customization

I’ve heard people talk about armour customization woes and how there is not enough content and better ways to access it. But something I have not seen people bring up is visors and armour coatings relative to the core system. I am not a fan that armour pieces are core-specific but that piece is partially tolerable for me. But the part that really seems close to extortion to me is that amour coatings and visors are core-specific as well. You cannot use a Mark V B visor or coating on Mark VII core.

I don’t care that some armours and such are going to be paid only. If I don’t like the amour I won’t buy it. I don’t care that there is an amour in the store that is $20. If you don’t like it don’t buy it. That is pretty standard for F2P multiplayer games in my opinion. I want 343 to succeed I want the developers to make money. I want some sweet customizations that are unlockable by events and some that are paid for for the sake of the developers.

But having amour coatings and visors specific to amour core is too much in my opinion. Especially, if the same armour coating is available in multiple amour cores, disclaimer I have not seen this particular piece happen yet.

Has anybody noticed this? And what are your thoughts? Since I hadn’t seen it I figured I would post to shed some light on it because I think others will be upset when they do find out. And I hope this gets seen as an important thing for the developers to work on at some point.

All in all, having fun playing, the gameplay is great. Can’t wait for the full release to hopefully see tons of more customization options come in, and hopefully more playlists. That is why I am not commenting on some stuff yet because I feel some stuff is still to come. My comment on the coatings and visors I don’t see changing though because in the battle pass it specifically says (amour coating name) Mark V b.


Agreed that Visors & Armour coatings should be universal, theres also the issue of Armour Kits acting more like skins, rather than saaaay…a pack for customisation that can also act as a skin if optional.

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Right? What infuriates me most is that Emile’s knife shoulder isn’t obtainable, and the kit can’t be customised. Now look at this image from months ago. This screams false advertising to me! twitter. com/l_azazei_l/status/1461492984252407811?s=21
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Yea I think everyone feels this way, I definitely do.