I know that a lot of people stoped playing Halo Reach because of armor habilities, I know people who are still playing Halo 3 because the big changes that were made in Reach, even thought these AA’s were made for make the game more strategic, the people just get pissed off. How would it be if 343 industries remove the actual AA’s, and introduce new AA’s that are actually based on the ARMOR THAT YOU ARE WEARING??

There a lot of armors between Halo 3 and Reach, but they are just for collection or for to presume to friends, and you even do not put attention to most of the player’s armors because you’re too busy trying to kill them…

What if 343 actually put these AA’s in your actual armor?
For example: The security shoulders protect you from the shoots at the shoulders, if you lose 10% of your health getting shooted there, with that soulders, you will get 5% of normal damage but they will reduce your movility.

The EVA armor variations should allows you to have a mayor mobility in Zero gravity Zones
The UA/BRACER wrist should allows you to give an EXTRA DAMAGE when you hit someone
The TACTICAL/UGPS wrist will make a minimap appear in your screen that can help you to do not get lost in new enviroments
The HU/RS that looks like a scope in your helmet should allows you to have a 3x scope while using a sniper
And armor pieces that includes AMMO like the sniper shoulders, should give you that specific extra AMMO

The game would be strategic as hell, and no everyone would be able to get these amors attachments.
If you want to get HU/RS you need to have done 100 sniper shots in the head

I love strategic games, but this wouldn’t be exactly like Cod, this will be based in your true skills.

What do you think about this?
Do you have more ideas?
Please comment!

maybe a playlist with those things…

I like it.


Armor should not have “perks” (best word I could think of).
If they do then some armor will be used more than others
(This is the short version)

Oh jeez. No. In fact, “no” is so totally unsufficient to express my feelings I don’t know where to begin.

This is the most horrible thing I could ever imagine. I would absolutely quit the Halo series if this happened.

No abilities for specific armor pieces, that’s unbalanced.

> No abilities for specific armor pieces, that’s unbalanced.


That would be terrible. Everyone would run around with the same armor. Also, scoping in 3 times will make you so disoriented.

I miss equipment to be honest, I’d like to see them build on that.

Interesting idea.


Reach already took steps to being that with the introduction of Armor Abilities. The last thing we need is more useless loadout-esque aspects to ruin our classic series.

No. For god’s sake, there’s more to innovation than just perks and loadouts.

> Armor should not have “perks” (best word I could think of).
> If they do then some armor will be used more than others
> (This is the short version)

Agreed. I think Reach is closely related to a CoD game as it is, what your prefering is more CoD related.

I really detest the idea of armor giving increased player movement, increased player damage, or giving a player more resistant shield strength, as these abilities manipulate the outcome of the game for more experienced players. Halo has always been a game of even odds, the strongest way to turn the tables on somebody is to obtain map control and even then, if no one quit out, both teams had an equal opportunity to do so. In halo, if a guest comes over and you trade controllers the guest should have no physical advantage from playing on a ranked up account and I thought reach did a great job of letting players customize their spartans without manipulating their players in game attributes. The most I could ever see this being is what you described, a small but detailed radar, a medium regular radar, or a large but vague radar.

I think this will be my slogan as I say it often enough throughout all of these boards: Can we please just keep Halo for what it is- Halo? This isn’t Call of Duty; this isn’t Battlefield. This is Halo; this is the Xbox selling, FPS pioneering, multi-platinum hit that has stayed alive for 10 years in this new, unforgiving gaming industry. There is a reason it was great: it was Halo. If you want to keep it Halo then don’t hope for it to be Call of Duty. Whether you are doing that on purpose of consciously or not is irrelevant, because it doesn’t change the fact that there is a part trying to turn Halo away from what it is, like I’ve said many times- Halo.

There are different ways to be innovative other than perks and loadouts as many have already stated, and a game comprised of a 4 letter name has proved that for a decade…time and time again.

No. This will turn into CoD perks, and there will be one combo of armor that will be extremely powerful.

Let’s keep it simple.

no armor abilities everyone spawns the same