Not a single game or piece of cinema has portrayed where Spartans hold their ammo, so have any of the books? Do they just stick magazines to their butts and go into battle? I know some armours like Soldier have pockets but those pockets can barely even hold a magazine from a BR or a DMR, they look only big enough for Magnum ammo, the Halo 2 Magnum.

Halo Reach was pretty good about adding some small pockets and gear to hold items, however it really doesn’t seem important to the artists and writers. Even though we don’t see it on the armor, one could argue that it could be attached to the armor like the Magnum is, which could explain a lot. And considering that most guns only have the capacity for a couple of mags its believable.

I believe the Spartans armor have hidden pockets that contain their ammo. Similar to the knife holsters they have on their arms. I remember this was shown in Halo Legends the Package chief reloads his SMGs using these pockets on his hips pretty sure this is one of the cannon stories but it does give us an idea of where their ammo is.

It could be magnetized to their leg armor but I like the hidden pocket idea better

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They just shove it up their bholes. Why else would locke be on master chief’s d and pissed off so much? :joy: