Ammo replacement suggestion to the devs!

I have noticed we don’t have any ammo replacements in the game. Like past Halo Games. Example: *

Rocket Launchers, There are ammo packs.

Maybe we can have a Universal Ammo Pack in Forge. What that means is no matter what weapon you are carrying you can go up to a Ammo Pack and get more ammo for your weapons.

Just my 2 cents!

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Id rather we have pick ups marked. Heavy, kinetic, electric, plasma, blamite, hard light, etc.
Than universals but the option is also a benefit.


Like the ammo stations in the campaign?

Ya but why would you want separate different for reloading on for each weapon when you can just go to a ammo box regardless what weapon you have and get it reloaded!
You will still be able to pick up weapons on the ground no problem!

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I don’t play campaign maps at all but if you have ammo stations in the map that is awesome. I Hope Forge will have those ammo stations for Custom Games!

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Becauae it is just a much more interesting mechanic.

Spnkr apawns has one shot but theres also an ammo pick up with 3 rockets Across map.
Both are pois even if cobra gets the spnkr eagle can mitigate its power by keeping cobra off of the platform with the rocket case.

Or you could make a mode with blamite pick ups falling from the sky and one team spawns with needlers but another team has brs and has to wait for weapon spawns.

Plethora reaskns to he honest.

But having ammo types has much much more potential for fun gameplay than a one size fits all stagnation dispensor imo.
Again still good ti have as an option.

Just FYI based on previous Halo Games.

Well in my experience that Rocket Launcher has 4 rounds stock including the 1 clip.

As far as the ammo box is concerned it can’t hurt to have one. It can only help!

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Halo ce carries 10
The rest carry 8
The exception being the legendary vidmaster 1000 versions on the last level of ODST.

So Im afraid you are not quite right on that. Nor do I see the relevance or point of you mentioning it.

I never said it woyld. Expressly stated the option would be good.
Just said id prefer there were classifications of ammo pick ups over the universal crate because it can have way more interesting effects on gameplay and level design.
You are aware halo infinite already has ammo dispensers?
Not universal ones but id imagine that will be in forge.

Personally id like them to add the previously menrioned ammo pick ups more than a universal varient of the dispenser but its a useful option also, just way less interesting to me in terms of use and aesthetics.

I really wish we would see 343 add rocket ammo packs and sniper ammo cartridges onto maps.

For example on H2 Zanzibar, after you pickup rockets there’s a “mini objective” on the map for you, even in slayer games. Pushing for the rocket ammo in the field was a risk/reward decision to give up high ground for more rocket ammo.

Stuff like that are small missing details in modern Halo titles that were really cool in Bungie’s games.

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