Amazon Order Canceled by wife.

My pre-order was canceled by my wife during a prolonged argument, and Amazon is not able or not willing (the rep I spoke to was not 100% clear) to restore my order AND include the pre-order bonuses. I am going to pick up the game tonight on my way home from work, but is there any way for me to still get the pre-order bonuses? Armor/Visor/etc?

In some cases, specifically with GameStop, I have experience where if they had a decent enough stock, you can actually wind up getting pre-order bonuses without having actually pre-ordered the game. I think ODST was the last Halo game I had it happen on, the code cards were in the case. I haven’t had this happen on a game in a long time, but admittedly I mostly buy digital. You could call around to your local game store and see if there were any pre-order cancellations you could purchase.

Hello ProfessorWC,

Sorry to hear about the cancelled pre-order. If you are able to provide evidence of your pre-order (via an email screenshot, etc), please send a private message to this account and we will investigate.

Thank you!