This is looking like the most skill based Halo ever. The thruster makes it so you always have to be on guard and aware of your surroundings, and it gives you a lot of tatical options if you are skilled with it. There is a risk to sprinting now which forces players to think, and can get you killed if you’re stupid with it. Combine that with the fact that there is no loadouts, descope, and you have a game that takes even more skill than Halo 2/3. The only things that I’m not a fan of is the slide, and ground pound. Well done 343, you have created a game that is competive, balanced, and new. Halo became famous because it evolved the fps genre, now it’s about to do it again.

After reading about how people hate it I got worried then I watched the clip and was blown away. I think this is the direction halo needs. I’ve been playing halo since day one 2001 and will always be a huge fan. I am truly excited for the beta even though I’ll only get to play it for about four days since I’ll be out of the country having my wedding.

Agreed, there wasn’t anything I disliked beside Ground Pound (allthough it did seem to have a small area of effect, and the fact that one hovers for a few seconds makes it feel balanced).

Aesthetically, the Energy Swords design felt awkward with that bulge near the handle. I read someone here on the forums mention that the ES in the video is actually the Prophets Bane (Thel Vadams personal sword). The material of the Spartan armor looks a bit plastic. Hopefully this is adressed until the game comes out.

Clambering, thruster pack, sprint, and slide makes the movement feel more fluid, I like it.

I’m actually loving everything about the changes in Halo 5! This is exactly what the franchise needed!
I’m also happy about the purists leaving in droves leaving the game all for us.