Amazing game until know BUT

I really think 343 did an excellent job with this title. It is an amazing game and completely feels like a spiritual reboot, like it was a complex but smooth blend of all the great and not so great titles we’ve had before, but I have some feedback and I would love your support on it.

  1. The steps are WAY to quiet for a game with no sensor. I can barely hear the steps of a Spartan with a distance to melee my back and I don’t think my audio settings are off.
  2. For a customization-centered game it is quite awful not being able to customize your stuff while searching for a match. Either you cancel your search accidentally or you’re just not able to makes changes.
  3. The menu is not user friendly at all, quiete confusing and hard to adopt.
  4. The wind lines won’t go off even when you set them off.

I will continue posting actionable feedback here. I would really like to contribute to the improvement on the game.

343 if you’re reading this I encourage you to hire me :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you Spartans

Víctor Valdés, a.k.a. Vikant on Facebook as /VikantGG