Amazing Game (Haters Gonna Hate)

Everyone that is complaining about this game should look elsewhere. This is what the halo franchise desperately needed. The gameplay is so much faster and I even like the innovative animations. I wasn’t a huge fan of halo reach after they nerfed the shield, because casual gamers constantly complained. Halo 4’s campaign was decent but was another rinse and repeat with multiplayer. Halo 5 is starting to look like a hybrid between ODST with good aspects from the other franchise titles.

Leave this game alone and honestly 343… If they wanna “come at you bro” change it “to turn down for what” :D. It’s unprofessional?!? Please kids, this is a game that should cater to hardcore gamers and is about shooting aliens. Don’t slow down the gameplay speed again… leave it alone. The majority of players who like this game are not on here complaining, so please do not cater to those consumers who ruine it for everyone else. By doing so, for shareholder maximization, your only hurting the franchise’s long term brand recognition. Furthermore you will be alienating, no pun intended, your hardcore base from continuing to purchase these titles/removing them from your companies consideration set.

You have struck gold, my friends, focus on the campaign and bug fixes. This is indeed the future of this franchise. Bravo!