Amazing comeback!

I was playing Big Team Battle earlier today and got into a game of Strongholds on Antifreeze, a map and game combo notorious for lopsided matches (I’m sure most of you already know). Things went bad pretty fast, and I was already frustrated before the game started so I though about leaving. But I didn’t, and neither did any of my teammates.

We had about 6 and a half minutes left, and the score was 145 to 35. But we managed to capture the middle and hang on to it, they didn’t score a single point for the rest of the match, and we won. Just wanted to share this because it shows that you shouldn’t always quit as soon as things start looking bad. You can see the details of the match here.

Do you hear that? I … I think I hear the …

come back train! Choo choo!Also way to go.

Nice job! me and my friends pulled that off as well on the same map 2 or 3 months ago.