am i tripping or naw

i feel lag screwed me right here

but i could just be wrong, but i doubt it

That just looks frustrating. I know beat downs can hit just as you die…and it looks like the charge can too.

yea, i cant really tell like i really feel i got the kill and then died, had it been the exact same time i would understand it just feels he didnt even start the charge till he was dead, oh well that game was a blow out anyways if you didnt see it was 2v4


Swat, headshots to win.

You missed, he didn’t.

His lifeless corpse continued the assault that he began.

But yeah that’s some BS.

> 2533274809242032;5:
> Swat, headshots to win.
> You missed, he didn’t.

yea next time watch the whole video, you might actually understand the meaning of the post, or better yet dont be lazy and read where i said charge, charge, meaning the end kill where we apparently traded, yet the spartan charge didnt even happen till after the guy was dead. i wasnt complaining about my miss where the dude came from rocket spawn. its so funny ppl come here an assume they know what they are talking about just to try and be little -Yoink-. i am aware how to play swat.