Am I the only who enjoyed the campaign?

I’ve been playing Halo 5 for the past two weeks. I decide to play the campaign again to see how well it plays. I found myself enjoying the campaign, actually a lot more than I first played Halo 5. I went on a Legendary run, and I managed to beat it. To my surprise, I was one of the very few players who achieved the Legendary completion. I understand why Halo 5 players thought this story was the weakest in the series. But there were no comments on the campaign levels. I really enjoyed Blue Team, Sword of Sanghelios, Enemy Lines, Battle of Sunion, Evacuation, and Guardians. Those levels were awesome! Halo 5 really had replayable levels. With the score attack and skulls, it changes the way the game behaves. I put up Catch Skull on Osiris, and I got spam naded by the soldiers. I thought that was hilarious when they were grenading me more than shooting at me. That was fun.

After playing Halo 5 on Legendary, I decided to find the skulls and the intels. I found a lot of secrets I haven’t seen before. I found many ways to get around, and I discovered special power weapons. Finding those weapons on my own was really rewarding, and they helped me beat Halo 5 on Legendary. I really enjoyed exploring the levels. The Halo 5 developers really put a lot of details in the game. I appreciated that. I also pursued achievements, and those were fun to get. I decided to play it on Easy, and it was so much fun! It was easy to kill the enemies and run through the game without worrying about getting killed by the Covenant and Prometheans. Overall, I really had a positive experience playing Halo 5.

My critique of the game is in the spoilers if you’re curious. Am I the only one who really enjoyed the campaign? I can’t be the only one. Even though, the achievements I got were mostly rare due to the lack of players achieving them. Most achievements were labeled diamond because most players never bothered. But there were players who kept playing! I’m looking for those who played a lot of the campaign.

I acknowledged that it wasn’t perfect. I think Halo 5 would’ve been better if 343 advertised the game more accurately, so it could’ve gotten much less criticism. But that’s on them. I would like to see more of a sandbox mission for the next Halo, so there’s more than one way to play the campaign instead of doing a linear progression (Silent Cartographer!!!). Honestly, it was getting old playing the Scorpion and same vehicles in every Halo games. The vehicles are still fun, but they’re not like when I first played them. I would love to see that fresh experience when it comes to vehicles. And the worst part was the superficial story and abrupt ending. The Legendary ending helped ease the ending, but it still hurt like Halo 2’s ending. But I can’t say much for the plot holes. These were my fair critique of the game.

I know it’s been three years. I kept putting off the Legendary run until recently. Ehh it’s better late than never.

I think the Halo 5 campaign level design and gameplay was generally well-received by the community. The story and lack of split-screen is what most seem to dislike.

I personally thought the missions flowed well and the Sanghelios missions looked gorgeous. Not a fan of Halo 5’s Forerunner aesthetics so all of the Kamchatka and Genesis (and one Meridian section) missions take a hit in that area. Gameplay feels solid (in the campaign, at least. My opinion is different in regards to multiplayer).

Yeah, some of the hate was a little extreme. But, it’s understandable since the marketing campaign was complete lies. That’s the first big thing that pissed people off. The other was the poorly written story. Good thing is that the incompetent in charge of writing the story is no longer at 343i so we should have a proper narrative in the next game. The other criticism is of how useless your AI companions are. They are only useful for being a quick distraction or for gunners in vehicles. So the whole squad-based thing sucks for solo players.

Looking at solely the gameplay, I quite liked it myself too. All the mechanics feel great and the enemies and maps are, for the most part, well-made. Personally, it’s not a campaign I would replay since a big part of what made the old games’ campaigns great was their narrative and how Marty’s music guided your emotions toward exactly what the developers intended the writing to evoke. Halo 5 lacks that. Many other points to be made here, but keeping it short and sweet to cover some of the big stuff.

I really like the campaign too. It had so many great moments, and the levels are very fun to explore, like you said. The biggest problems were the recurring Warden boss battles and the characters. Here’s the thing: you don’t care about these characters, because they don’t have personality. If you do care, you likely played other games or have some background in the expanded universe. I know that Halo 4, Halo: Nightfall, and Halo 3: ODST are partially why I like Halo 5’s campaign; those sources did a much better job fleshing out some characters in Halo 5.

Ultimately, it comes down to this: I love Halo 5’s campaign, but I love most of the others a bit more.

There were many issues with Halo 5’s campaign that just were too big to just ignore. I mean split screen was the biggest downside but I think the main reason the campaign was disliked was that it was advertised as a different story and then when people started playing it they realized it wasn’t what they expected. the lack of the focus on the actual main character and the poor character development really didn’t help either. people felt that they were lied to (people don’t like it when they are lied to). But one of the things that many people don’t think about is all the good stuff. Possible the most interesting story and immersion aspects of the story was the intel that was scattered around. I think that is the main thing that people never really got to experience, everyone was expected to have a good story and more development but they never thought that they would have to go around looking for it. it just seems like a more interesting way to present a story. If you go back and play through the campaign but instead of doing what you normally do which is just go through the level you could also try a new path or direction. I mean you can approach a level from many different angles and positions if you look at the mission ‘blue team’ you can do that entire level in 5 or 6 different ways. it is just something that has never been done before in a halo game. I think even though they didn’t have split-screen halo 5 was meant to be a multiplayer campaign. if you play through with a couple of friends and you do the missions with plans and you have 2 people go one way and 2 go another and just plan the mission out it makes the campaign 10 times better and most people that play the campaign will play it once by themselves and never touch it again because they hate it or their friends hated it too but if you just got 3 other friends and played on heroic or legendary you could have a blast just jumping around and replaying this decent campaign. I do hope we see some of the similar ideas in halo 6 because I loved the intel and also the different ways to complete the mission and I just hope they it makes a return. by no means is this an amazing campaign but it did bring some positive things that people haven’t really thought of.

I did not understand the story at all when I first played Halo 5’s campaign, and that’s a problem because the first time is going to always be the most memorable time. I’ve played the campaign over again multiple times since then and I recently completed it on legendary. The level design I think for the most part was pretty good. The breaking was very repetitive but levels like the one on sanghelios with the big open areas was a lot of fun and challenging too at some times. As for the story, I understand it really well now but I still think it’s pretty crappy

I didn’t really like the plot or script but some of the missions themselves where really good. Swords of sanghelios and Blue Team where two of the best missions in all of Halo IMO. It was pretty cool just to see Sanghelios really. I get the hate the campaign gets but I understand that hey the game has to go past Covies try and light Halo ring but Chief blows up said ring before they can.

I enjoyed it story wise. I do have to bandwagon and wish that it would have been drastically different if Master Chief was more at play then Locke. Its just not Halo without the Chief and I cant say it any other way.

The numbers are few. I have all the achievements in the game except for solo completion. I just can’t bring myself to do it. I don’t think it’s difficult it’s just that the campaign does nothing to make me want to be apart of it like the other ones.

Yeah gameplay wise the campaign is quite enjoyablea and the Sanhgelios parts are just beautiful.

The communitys main gripes very understandably come arise from the lack of splitscreen, misleading marketing, warden spam and overall weak story.

I am still baffled by how they people at 343 approved of the story. My personal biggest gripe is that Halo 5 undoes what Halo 4’s story establishes. Cortana’s death was just perfect and well handled. Didact was an epic and interesting villain.

What I would have liked to see with Halo 5’s story is a solo campaign (no AI team mates around to split the screen time and focus too much). The campaign could start quite like it does now but Jul’s death could be moved over to Sunaion for the Arbiter to finish. Now with solo chief and locke I would have wanted Locke to be a true ONI spook type. If the campaign had some parts where Chief would actually end up doing questionable things accidentally or on purpose in search of Cortana (besides going AWOL) it would be just perfect to send an ONI spartan after him. Locke would be a lot more interesting of a character if he’d be a tried and true ONI spook whose face we never saw. The whole Chief going AWOL could still revolve around Cortana. But Cortana would be a fake created by the Didact to lure his greatest enemy to a trap. Didact could be a composed digi-Didact so to say. I was so disapointed when all we got in Halo 5 was a single mention of Didact.

Also does anyone here think that the talking missions of Halo 5 could have potential? I recently got an idea how they could actually work: These kinds of missions could act as an source for lots of Halo lore. You could find all kinds of terminals with cutscenes, text intel and talk to important characters about these things. You could put all kinds of stuff in these for the people who are interested and the people who aren’t could just walk through the mission quickly to continue the campaign. Imagine for one a talking mission for Locke on Infinity. There could be all these terminals where we would see the ONI perspective: what Chief had caused, why it looks so bad on the outside etc. You could walk around and hear what other people on Infinity actually think about Locke’s mission.

Oh well, at leat the campaign gameplay was reasonably fun. Luckily we got the best multiplayer in the series IMO with Halo 5.

Felt very empty and soulless to me and very un inspiring and unsatisfying to complete the whole blue team was too short and lacked depth the chief Locke fight was laughable except that it made me want to cry
the whole lack of didact after he was killed off in between games was very disappointing especially after the H4 ending which I thoroughly enjoyed
(this coming from some Me who has read every book tc and loves the in depth lore)

While the story was mediocre, the atmosphere and some levels were fun, I’ll give an example of my favourite moment, I really did enjoy running down the guardian

i did to, altough promethean soldiers are to jumpy for my taste.

Campaign has always been my favorite throughout all the Halos. I play through on normal first collecting intel and skulls and achievements. Exploring the maps, finding easter eggs and power weapons is a lot or fun for me. The grunt with the skull singing just made my day… Kicking him off the cliff was hilarious… Then I play Legendary to get the remaining achievements.

My main issue with the campaign was having cut scenes where I would have rather had gameplay.

Halo 5’s level design was really quite a good and a huge step up from Halo 4. Things like fighting the Kraken were fun and the whole game had a better flow without the feeling of running through a motion of buttons and checkpoints. Really enjoyed going to Sanghelios, the whole planet was a nice touch. Also really appreciated the return of a few great characters especially considering Halo 4 was lacking greatly in good characters.

The problems however definitely lay in the story. My main gripe is that there was no antagonist and as a result the game felt like it didn’t know where it was going. Instead a story of 2 sides was built up and everything else was just a distraction, but this story really under delivered. I’d still like to say a clash between the 2 sides. I want to see Chief do something wrong and Locke get angry. Id rather see that story concluded than brushed under the carpet because that was not even close to what it could have been. It was also disappointing that the campaign was not split more evenly like it was in Halo 2, needed so much more Blue Team in Halo 5.

Since I’ve gone into this a decent amount I’ll do the short version lol


  • Terrible way to kill Jul, we don’t even get to fight him! (cut scene…really…) - Forced Squad-based gameplay is a terrible idea. It should have been done like Halo 3. - The battle between Chief and Locke was a joke and kind of laughable. - Unless you have read the books or know a lot about the lore, there’s many plot holes and many things that don’t make sense. - Fighting the warden over and over and over again is tiresome and repetitive. - Legendary difficulty was a joke, as in extremely easy. - Way too many parts in levels where all you doing is running…and running… And running some more. Extremely boring. - Those levels where you’re going around and talking to people… what is this an RPG??? This is freaking Halo! (I like RPGs by the way but that kind of stuff does not fit Halo)Pros

  • Levels and such look amazing - Having the skulls back to find is a good ideaI just really felt like the story was lacking in a lot of ways and in a lot of areas. The music wasn’t bad but it didn’t really feel like Halo most of the time and why aren’t they using the themes that we all know from the past Halo games??? Instead they use the master chief theme from Halo 4 which is ridiculous compared to the first three. Overall for me the story and how it was presented and everything that comes along with the campaign, was probably one of the worst in Halo right up there with Halo 4.

So far, the story in Halo 4 and 5 not just the actual story but how it’s told and presented doesn’t even hold a candle to any of the other Halo games and no I’m not some kind of 343I hater either, it’s just what I think. All my friends save one think the same thing. 343I really need to work on there single player story and presentation.

Yeah! I forgot about the split screen gameplay and the Warden Eternal spam. I enjoyed fighting the Warden because it was kind of like a boss fight. I didn’t have anyone to play with, so the split screen wasn’t much of a big deal.

Looks like the main issue that we all agree one is the story. I rather explore all relevant stories within the game instead reading the books or watching the shows. Books and TV shows are fine for in depth enjoyment. Crucial background shouldn’t be removed from the game. And yeah, I agree with Sami theFerrous. The approval of the story was a major fail that tarnished a good campaign.

Halo 5 has an okay-ish campaign. That is acceptable for many games, but not for Halo.
Usually the story gets brought up, and while it’s true that it’s a mess, this is far from the only problem.

  • Level design on a macro-scale is incredibly boring with it’s obvious arena-corridor-arena layout - Fighting Proemtheans still is not much fun, better than in H4 at least - Past Halo games simply are much more fun when fighting against ai - H5’s movement break any carefully laid out encounter design, resulting in a hectic game without much depth in terms of positioning. - Squad mechanics are on of the worst thing happening to Halo 5. It’s so incredibly frustrating to either a.) “Die” and lie around waiting, only to see the ai break in reviving you or b.) Realize that you are just going to lie around in this state that does not make any sense logically and have to go to the menu to reload. - Marines in Halo 2 or 3 had more character than the squad in H5. Equipping them and therefore interacting with them was so much fun.Fun in general is thing that does not seem to be 343s biggest priority. H5 is such a dreary and overly serious game. Multiplayer is designed for competition while singleplayer feels like space CoD in it’s tone.