Am I The Only Person Who Likes Halo 4?

I am very frightened that this is the case. There are certainly some important issues that need fixing, but I adore this game… just an opinion. If I don’t receive any positive feedback about this game, I may lose any hope in the Halo community.

Than we are two! I love this game… but the multiplayer needs a bit fixing of bugs.

No you are not alone. Most of us love the game so much we are playing it, rather than talking about it. Forums are for critics, so don’t waste time here, join in.

I like halo 4, just a quick update and it will be AWESOME!

You’re not alone. People just like to -Yoink- and moan a lot.

You are not the only one who likes this game. I personally love the game, but less so than the other Halo games. They made a tonne of great choices for this game, but some pretty bad ones too, and the most game-breaking one (in my opinion) is the customizable loadouts. It would not be a problem if you could only use them in certain matchmaking playlists, and if there were alternative ‘classic’ playlists where you could not choose them (in regular Slayer, CTF, Oddball, and so on). My main issue with the game is that it’s no longer about map control, tactics, and strategy, but is rather almost entirely about a sort of scizzors paper rock combat mechanic and loadout customization. There is almost no map control needed, since the power weapons drop immediately in front of you, thus preventing the map makers from rendering those super defensive spots useless, such as the one in middle of Complex, and making regular travel unnecessary. Anyone who played Halo 3 and Halo Reach a lot should be able to agree with me that travel is needed for ammunition and powerful weaponry.

However, the game certainly has its up sides, and is by far in the top 2% of games to be released on the Xbox360 (imo).

Halo 4 may have it’s problems, but the majority of the issues can be fixed through updates. You are not alone, A lot more people like Halo 4 than you think.

I just found it underwhelming, which I went into more detail in a previous thread I made.

The word “like” is pretty ambiguous in this context. Games don’t even have to be good for you to like them. For example, I personally like Halo 4 at the moment because it gives me something to do in my spare time, but I still hate the -Yoink!- thing for how frustrating it is and how many backwards steps it has taken from previous games!

Yes you are.
Everyone else please stop lying to try to make him feel better.

You are definitely not alone, but if I were 343 I’d definitely rethink things quite a bit. Outside of these boards I have NEVER seen such a poor reception for a highly anticipated game. They may have sold a bunch of copies but the customers were definitely overall not happy (the “hate-rate” was at about 80%, 0% happy. The only person I could find who said they loved it was actually a probably clueless parent saying that their kid did. I didn’t count them or the 2 Gamestop employees, only people I knew that I could speak to and/or personally verify their true anticipatory demeanor and response. I am awaiting a couple more inputs as of now but I can say that I also know of at least 2 more copies that were not sold due to this fallout. I can only feel the sequel has a LOT of ground to make up and has a FAR worse starting stance than 4 did coming out of the gate in terms of garnering interest and automatic-sales due to pedigree).

Just be happy you have a game you like, and if you feel like seeking comradery online then do it. I can’t say I know how things will work out from here. 343 might have gained enough new fans to justify the changes, but if they do their research and find something similar to what I have found then the game might change drastically again on you too. Then you will know what it is like to have a game you love so much become a stranger by the next sequel. Cheers?

I like it, not love.

I Want to like it. I really do. But until 343i sorts out the currently -Yoink- multiplayer, I’ll stick to Halo 3.

> If I don’t receive any positive feedback about this game, I may lose any hope in the Halo community.

If that makes you lose hope in the Halo community you’d have left when Halo 3 came out.

I like it, Halo 4 has it’s own unique qualities like all Halo games. It does have issues too but I’m sure they can and will be fixed in time.

The only thing I don’t like about Halo 4 is Cmdr Palmer… she really grinds my gears.

My words exactly. Pop in to the forums from time to time just to hold me over when I can’t play but other than that the people who love the game are playing while mostly negative people come here. Don’t get me wrong, everyone is entitled to there opinion and there are a few tweaks to the game that would be valid but to completely bash this game and 343 is ridiculous. it’s and amazing game and one I’ll be plaing for a long time.

From what i have gathered it is not that people dont “like/Love the game” But that they are infuriated with some of the choices 343 made in designing it. If you look at any other software company for any type of software one rule they almost always keep in mind is Add & Improve Existing Features, Don’t get rid of old working features

The general consensus about the game from what i have seen is this

  • Halo 4 has the Potential to be an Amazing game, but as people play it they begin to notice that it has even more enourmous potential then originally thought, which begs the question…If there is all this Untapped potential why has it not been Utilized to its fullest.

I feel like they wanted the game to be like Minecraft with a ton of potential But they did not consider how difficult the Update proccess is for Xbox Title’s. So it may be an Great Game to many now but what is infuriating is that it COULD have been an Amazing game that to play would be to come into sensory distance of Perfection.

I’m loving Halo-4! It has a few warts but that does not take away from the awesome game it is.

I’m really loving Halo 4. I haven’t seen any of the problems that most go on about. That is probz cause I’m to busy playing Spartan Ops Solo, to notice. Since I’m not good enough to play against other humans.

Despite being imperfect, it’s my favorite Halo game since CE.