Am I the only person that crashes regularly on this game?


How is nobody talking about this? Does nobody else on the planet earth crash on Halo except me?

I have an i9-11900k 8 core, 32gb of RAM and an RTX 3090. I have friends with computers 7 years old playing this game with no problem, so what’s mine?

-My drivers are up to date, still crash.
-My windows is up to date, still crash.
-I’ve tried playing through Steam, still crash.
-I’ve tried playing through Xbox app, still crash.
-I’ve tried re-installing and verifying integrity of the game files multiples times, and on each application, still crash.
-I’ve tried closing every single application on my PC other than Halo and playing, still crash.
-I’ve turned all settings to as low as they can be and un-installed the HD texture pack, still crash.
-I’ve turned the HDR content pack back on, still crash.
-I’ve turned off all application overlays, still crash.
-I’ve messed with my GeForce control panel settings, still crash.
-I’ve tried just turning off my other monitors because, idfk, maybe it can’t handle all that going on? still crash.
-I’ve made sure my cooling system on my PC was on performance mode, still crash.
-NO, I’m not overclocking anything.
-I’ve google searched constantly; I’ve tried it all man. I just can’t seem to stop the crashing.

I spent an exorbitant amount of money on a new PC >>>JUST FOR HALO.<<<

And I know that sounds silly, but I’ve loved this game since I was 11 years old. When I saw this new Halo coming out, and it looked just so promising, I knew this was the one I wanted to absolutely lose myself in. I had hope. I had faith that this could finally be the best halo in years. I want to be rank 1. I want to be the best, and I wanted to make sure I bought a rig that was going to guarantee me no problems on that journey, no matter what the workload. But hey, I guess I wasted my time. I play 2 ranked games, then my game crashes on the 3rd and I lose absolutely all progress made. It is physically impossible to significantly progress in ranked with the CONSTANT, CONSISTENT crashing on a supercomputer. And it only seems to get worse/happen more often. Why? Why? Why? How? Why? For Christ’s sake how???

Oh and let’s not even get into how many times I’ve been banned because of it, LOL :smiling_face_with_tear:

I have personally taken to just playing one game, then restarting halo. Then playing one game, restart it again. It’s laughable and saddening that I should have to do this just to make sure I can stably play the game.

After 15 years, multiple flights, thousands upon thousands of hours in game and too many memories to even keep track of, this one just feels personal.

And I know it’s not. I’m sure 343 is doing what they can and focusing on what the community vocalizes the most, which is apparently cosmetics and BtB. :pensive: And hopefully this is just some weird issue/setting that I can fix quickly, but just haven’t thought of.

But is this seriously just only an issue for a handful of people, and that’s just too bad? what I’d give to be able to just play the game without the potential of it closing on me at a moment’s notice for absolutely no discernable reason.

If someone, ANYONE, has any other sort of out of the box suggestion, I’m open to it. I’m all ears. I’ll do anything to play this game, even though it absolutely doesn’t deserve my time. I don’t know why I’m still playing and still trying, but I am.

And above all else, I just had to get this issue out there. Hopefully it affects something.

Have a good day

P.S. Just for clarification, I play games like No Man’s Sky, God of War and modded Skyrim on Ultra and 4k settings with almost 0 problems. It’s a good PC.

TL;DR: Constant, consistent crashing on a supercomputer with no foreseeable solutions.


On my Xbox One X, Infinite randomly crashed every so often. I’d say probably once a week. Now ever since I got my Xbox Series X, the game runs a lot better than before and it hasn’t crashed yet on anything that wasn’t player induced. I found a game crash you can replicate on Behemoth but that has been in Infinite since it launched, at least for me anyways.

I’m no technical wizard, but I’ll try and help you out. Maybe try removing/uninstalling Infinite completely and reinstalling it again.

This might be a reach, but if you use a physical disc, maybe that disc is defective? Try a new physical copy.
If you use Digital form, try a physical disc. Or I don’t know if it makes a difference, maybe purchase a new Digital copy?

How does your system work playing other titles of the same magnitude? Similar issues of any kind? or are these problems strictly with Infinite?


The PC optimization for this game is something of a nightmare, and given that I don’t operate on a game-ready PC since I drive my games on a Series X, I can’t share any troubleshooting advice from my own experience.

At the most, I can offer a scapegoat: the game’s optimization.

It’s known to have memory leaks, it runs slowly on higher-end cards (and worse on older or aging ones), it crashes frequently due to various errors too. I can’t offer an idea on what’s causing them, but I can say that you aren’t the only person to experience crashes with hardware like this.


I have yet to experience any crashes for this game.

I play on the Series X.


brag about it, after cyber showdown started i cant even pop up the Xbox guide without the game hard crashing

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That is something odd. Have you tried contacting support?

Enjoy your ban.

whats the point every update breaks this game further


Maybe you should make a PC that copies the specs of the Series X?
The game has only crashed for me like once, and that was because I was messing around with Fusion Coil pyramids.

youre assuming im on an X, i’m on a series s with the disk drive

… doesn’t the Series S not have a disc drive?

On my Series X I can’t recall the last time I crashed. In the first month I would maybe crash like one in every 20 matches but since then I can’t recall the last time I experienced a game crash.

I crash everyday at least once or twice. Other people on other teams definitely lag out or leave tho

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Exact same situation here. Tried everything. Eventually contacted support. They told me eventually that they have no solution.

I was dealing with the crashing for a while with the game pass version, I then downloaded the Steam version and as long as I run a light overclock with my GPU it’s fine.

What do you have your XSX settings set to? As far as in resolution and fps?

I dunno… default I guess?

I don’t have to worry about fps because my TV has an auto-interpolation program built-in. Sure cartoons get looking a bit jank when the scene has rapid movement, but videogames run incredibly smoothly even if I am set to a lower framerate, because the TV will interpolate it at 60 fps, so if my frames do drop below 60 ever; it gets corrected.

As for resolution… default I guess.

Hum, been lucky as far as I can tell because I almost never crash…

Not sure what TV you have, doesn’t really matter but it’s normally called frame interpolation, motion interpolation or some manufactures have their own name for it like smooth motion or smooth motion plus. Anyway, you really don’t want to use this feature in gaming. If your TV has a game mode and you’re using that, or it’s set to ALLM then it’s being turned off regardless if you have it set on. It’s a feature that involves processing, therefor your input latency will be high and what you see on screen happen moments ago.

This is an interpolation setting that is built into the TV and cannot be turned off. And ever since I acquired this TV, my gameplay has actually improved due to smoother motion being displayed.

And again, the only downside is that the interpolation ruins cartoons by trying to “fill-in-the-gaps” on an animation that utilizes in-between drawings that already fill in the gaps.