Am I the only one who thinks ranked is awful now?

I’ve been champ before took a long break I play occasionally now mostly solo or with one friend… but the ranking system/balance just feels random af now idk if it’s because a lack of players or what some games I’ll play full stacks against solos/duos or I’ll be the highest rank playing unranked players it makes no sense.
It used to be way better now it’s just grind with a team and get few points or play at the start of a season and get a easy champ.

Population is a shell of what it use to be. This isn’t that surprising given that the game is over 5 years old and exclusive to the Xbox One platform. Population is the most critical component toward providing consistently balanced matches; nevertheless, the advances made to the skill assessor and Halo 5’s matchmaker over the years has allowed it to still provide a decent experience for most people despite the significantly lower population numbers.

Many of the complaints aimed at the visual CSR system seem to be somewhat ignorant of its purpose or goal. And they often also don’t comprehend its current one true shortcoming that can’t be fixed without an massive title overhaul. Maybe in the future if 343i decide to bring the title fully over to the PC platform they could integrate a modernized system that addresses that shortcoming.

Always has been.