Am I the only one who sucks with the Sidekick?

I hate using it, I hate that’s on BTB because I can’t hit a thing with the it. Does anyone suck with it?

I have my good and bad days. Story of my Halo tenure, honestly. Some days I move like a pro, most days I’m a broken and confused bot.


If you play on PC, then yes, you are probably the only one who sucks with it.

If you play on console, then welcome to the club.


Just gotta work with it little by little… For me, the weapon I seem to be struggling with is the Skewer ( when targeting Spartans, not vehicles lol ).

Can’t hit the side of a barn with the damn thing.

Xbox controller who is a tad OCD with accuracy (unhappy if less than 60%). So it is annoying.

I think I’m initiating from too far away (it’s not the H5 magnum).

And because I swap back and forth from ranked I get a little too comfy with the BR.

Just need to practice I guess. Funny how you tend to spend time at the academy with the more exotic weapons… But not the staples.

I’m getting better with the mangler and the disrupter now.

Heatwave not so much :slight_smile:

Not really no but I can admit I have times where the I’m doing better with the Ar

Bloom forces it to be a cqb weapon, but the ar is so strong that there is little place for anything else in cqb (excepting shotguns/mangler/power). I mostly treat it as a finisher that only comes out when I run out of ammo on the ar.